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You typically see more of these pests after a flood simply because their shelters were destroyed from the rain.

Many times, pests and rodents’ homes include large holes and tunnels. When this fills up with water, the pests are forced up to the surface, and are unable to return to their homes – so they choose yours instead!

When the weather starts getting nippy, that’s a good sign to start thinking about your home and if it’s secure from rats.

Rats need to stay warm to survive. Residential properties are always good sources of food and shelter for these pests. They are active all through winter season and homeowners should ensure that their property is secure and free from rats.

There is a feel of settling during autumn. The fever and fun of summer is gone. The environment starts to mellow down, as leaves begin to fall. Peaceful, no?

Unfortunately, this does not mean that pests have gone resting too. Pests, like rodents, roaches, ants and stingers, are still very much active during the autumn season.

So, don’t let your guard down. Here are a few ways to prepare for autumn pests.

2021 promises to be a better year for all of us. Covid vaccines are here; and a return to normalcy is hopefully just around the corner.

But remember that pests are also around the corner. We’re in the middle of summer – so it means summer pests are everywhere. Plus, the holiday celebrations – however low-key they are during the pandemic – are likely to leave you with food waste and trash that attract more pests.

Starting the year right means being prepared for all this. It sets up 2021 as a year of promise and a year without pests!

Summer is always a great time to go outside, and enjoy some sunshine and time with friends and family. Even with the ongoing pandemic, nothing’s going to stop many of us from heading out for picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities. As long as safety measures are followed, this is always a good idea…. as long as you’re pest-free!

The temperature of summer invites many of these pests out. It is a good time for them to reproduce as there is an abundance of warmth and food. That makes summer pest season!

This shouldn’t put a damper to your summer activities! Just keep an eye out for them and make sure you’re prepared.

Here are a few summer pests you should watch out for:

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