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 All snake bites must be treated as potentially life-threatening. If you are bitten by snake, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.


Snake Removal Service

Safe Spray now offers reliable, sustainable and cruelty-free snake removal service. If you see or suspect the presence of snakes within your residence or business, give us a call. Our team provides you with comprehensive snake removal that guarantees safe snake-free environments.

Our snake removal service is comprehensive. Our team will:

Provide you with a full site inspection. This is the best way to identify problem and risk areas, as well as potential snake nests within your property and nearby surrounds.

Provide you with a full site search and removal. Our team will perform a comprehensive visual inspection in your location. This includes your property and nearby surroundings.

Create a detailed report and recommendations for your location. Our report will include preventive steps that you can take to ensure your property remains snake-free. Our data and photographs will guide you in making fixes and upgrades to your property to remove possible snake nesting areas.

Install traps and monitor. We will install traps in snake hotspots, which we’ll monitor. We will regularly check and remove any trapped animals when necessary.

You get all this with a 1-month guarantee.

*Terms & conditions apply.

Snake Proofing Service

If your property is in a wildlife dense area or even typical residential suburbs, it is a good idea to incorporate snake proofing in your property’s design. Snake proofing protects your property from becoming nests to snakes. It is a long-term investment that saves you from the hassles of dealing with snake infestation.

Snakes are attracted to food sources and shelter. If your location has rubbish, food wastes and what-not lying around, you attract rodents, which then attracts the snakes.

Our team will help you install snake proofing fences, home fixes that prevent snake infiltration, and other property features that prevent snakes.

Snake Awareness Training

For a small additional fee, we can also conduct a short snake awareness training for you and your staff members. This service is perfect for schools, factories, government and military facilities, construction sites and others.

Know what to do when you encounter a snake or a snake nest. Learn emergency proceedings when dealing with aggressive snakes, snake bites and more.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today to know more about our Snake Control services. You can trust that our methods and tools are sustainable and cruelty-free.

* 1 month guarantee applies only if client has followed snake-proofing recommendations, as stated in our report.


Make sure your home is a sanctuary. Keep it safe and secure, and snake-free.

Snakes are very much a part of the Australian landscape. They are integral to a diverse ecosystem and are protected by the Nature Conservation Act 2014. It is illegal to kill snakes, unless driven to extreme circumstances.

However, they have no place in your home. With the help of Safe Spray, sustainably remove snakes and snake nests from your property. Our methods and tools are safe and cruelty-free.

Get in touch with the team today to book a visual inspection of your property. Trust your snake problems to Safe Spray! Call today!

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Snakes shouldn’t get in the way of your business’ productivity and safety. They shouldn’t be in your business premises.

Not only are snakes possibly dangerous, but they may also get in the way of productivity and sales. Make sure you keep your profits, as well as work crew and customers, safe. Keep your business premises free from snakes.

Through the help of Safe Spray, you can effectively rid and protect your business space from snakes. We will sustainably remove them from your property. At the same time, we’ll help you snake-proof your business.

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How do I provide first aid for snake bites?

You should always provide emergency care if you or someone else is bitten by a snake — including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), if required.

Keep calm, and follow these steps:

  • Get the person away from the snake.
  • Ensure they rest and help them to stay calm.
  • Call triple zero (000) and ask for an ambulance.
  • Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage (see below).
  • Don’t wash the bite area — venom left on the skin can help identify the snake.

First aid information source: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/snake-bites

Highly Trained & Experienced

“Every Safe Spray technician undergoes ongoing training to ensure the effective delivery of up-to-date modern pest control solutions. With our team on the job, you can also take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and audit standards for your industry.

Our Snake Technicians are licensed and competent in the safe capture and removal of all venomous species and have been put through stringent first aid catch and release scenarios in training and in the field.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business or project is. We will spend time with you in order to effectively understand, identify, treat and monitor your unique pest problem.”

Daniel Danil

Safe Spray Pest Control Founder

Effect Snake Removal Services – The Qualities that Set Safe Spray Above the Rest

When you’re dealing with snake infestation, you want the assurance that you’re dealing with the best pest control company. Safe Spray is here for you, and we are the team that you can trust for truly effective snake pest control.

Safe Spray is well regarded in the pest control industry. We’ve built our good reputation on exemplary pest control services – innovative, proactive and accountable.

We use cutting edge pest control technologies and methodologies. These are tried and tested to guarantee effectiveness and safety. Likewise, all our clients get access to our Spectrum portal, another one of our innovations. Through the portal, we work proactively to make sure that you remain snake-free in the long-run.

The Safe Spray team stands by the snake pest control work that we do for you. we ensure truly effective pest control. And, we’d like you to hold us accountable for it. When you work with us, you work with the industry’s best.

Get in touch today to know more about our snake pest control services. We are happy to discuss our methodologies and best practices with you. Call us today to book an appointment.

What to Ask For From Your Snake Removal Pest Control Company

While many perceive snake removal as scary business, it’s not really. You just need the work to be done by professionals. Safe Spray is your best choice in your snake removal pest control services requirements. Here’s why.

Safe Spray has an enviable reputation in the industry. All over Australia, we are synonymous with reliable top quality pest control services. Our reputation precedes us, and clients all over have come to us for all their pest control needs.

We’ve consistently invested in the training and knowledge building of our team. Likewise, we make sure that our equipment, materials, chemicals and processes are the latest and best in the industry. We work towards improving always; and we’re not going to stop. This is how you become the best in the field.

Lastly, while snakes are snakes, our approach to your snake infestation problem is always tailor suited to what you actually need. This is how we ensure everyone’s safety, and the thorough removal of your property’s snake infestation.

Talk to us today to know more about how we’re the best snake removal pest control company for you. We are happy to sit down to talk to you about our strategies.

Should You DIY Snake Pest Control?

A few people will say that you can remove a snake or two off your property without needing the help of a pest control team. Maybe that’s true for some, those with enough snake knowhow and guts to take a snake by the tail and capture it. But, for the majority, fear steps in and this usually leads to panic.

When scared, the snake can become aggressive. When scared, the human can needlessly harm the snake. In all cases, calling a pest control team is always the better solutions.

One of the advantages with having a professional team on the job is that your property and nearby surrounds are thoroughly searched for snakes. It is not just about the one or two snakes that made their way into your property.

Long term real pest snake removal is also about finding their nesting areas, and possible eggs. Getting rid of snakes effectively also includes this, as well as making your property less attractive to snakes.

This is what you can expect from Safe Spray when you get our snake removal services. Talk to us today to know more. Call our hotline ASAP.

Improve Your Snake Pest Control: Here’s a Few Things You Can Do

Snakes are some of the world’s most misunderstood creatures. They’re scary, yes, but only as a defense mechanism. They mean no harm and would only attack when threatened. Here are a few tips to help you deal with snakes safely.

Partner with a reliable pest control company: The most important thing to do when you suspect snake infestation is to contract a trusted snake pest control company. Snakes are best handled by a team of professionals. You are only putting yourself in harm’s way when you try to DIY it. Leave it to the professionals.

Conduct a snake inspection: The first thing that your pest control partner should do is to conduct a thorough site inspection to look for snakes. They should look within your property, as well as nearby surroundings.

Clear your property of preferred snake hiding place: A good way to start snake-proofing your site is to clear it of hiding spots that are preferred by snakes. This includes rock piles, tall clumps of grass, and piles of debris


Remove food sources: Snakes look for shelter that’s close to food sources, particularly rodents. So, if you have rodents within your property too, have your pest control partner look into it.

In putting in effort towards snake pest control, make sure to respect the snake. In many places, it is illegal to harm snakes. Controlling their presence only pertains to humanely relocating them to a better location, away from residential or commercial properties.

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Benefits of Getting the Services of a Snake Removal Pest Control Company in Australia

There are several benefits when it comes to hiring a professional snake removal pest control company, such as Safe Spray.

Knowledge and expertise in dealing with a variety of snakes; Snakes are potentially dangerous to have around within your property. You need a team of experts who know what their doing, and is knowledgeable on the next steps to take in order to safely and humanely remove snakes from your property. The goal is to ensure your safety while avoiding hard to the snakes and the environment.

Safety for you, your loved ones and pets: As we mentioned earlier, snakes can pose real danger to you, your loved ones and your pets. These pests may attack when threatened. Handling them is best left to the experts.

Guidance on maintaining a snake-free environment: As your snake-removal partner, Safe Spray can guide you in ensuring that your property remain snake-free. We will give you advice on how to snake-proof your entry points and implement snake deterrence.

Peace of mind: With experts on the job, you can relax and leave the work to us. We guarantee the safe and sustainable removal of snakes from your property.

Give us a call to know more.

Questions to Ask Your Snake Removal Company

Engaging a snake removal service in Australia requires careful consideration because of the potential risks and safety concerns involved. Here are key questions to ask a prospective service provider to ensure a safe, efficient, and professional service:

1. Are you licensed and insured?

It is important that the provider has a valid licence to capture and relocate snakes, as required by state wildlife authorities. Additionally, ensuring they have appropriate insurance cover will protect you from any liability issues that might arise during the removal process.

2. What is your level of experience and training?

The provider's experience and training in handling different types of snakes, particularly venomous ones, is crucial. Ask about their specific training and the types of snakes they've dealt with.

3. What procedures do you follow during the removal process?

Understanding their procedures will give you an idea of how they handle the situation, ensuring the safety of all involved. It's important that their methods adhere to humane and ethical treatment of wildlife.

4. Do you provide emergency services?

In Australia, snakes can appear unexpectedly, so it helps if the service provider offers 24/7 emergency services.

5. What happens to the snakes after removal?

It's important to know that the snakes will be relocated in a safe and appropriate location, as stipulated by state guidelines. Any professional service should prioritise the well-being of the animals they handle.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask us these important questions, and know why Safe Spray is the best team for your snake removal requirements.

What You Should Look for In the Best Snake Removal Companies

Here are the key qualities to look for in the top-notch snake removal company in Australia, Safe Spray.

Experience and Expertise: Safe Spray has significant experience in handling different types of snakes, understanding their habits, and safely removing them.

Humane Treatment of Snakes: The best snake removal companies, such as Safe Spray, will prioritise the humane handling of snakes, removing and relocating them without causing harm.

Educational Approach: We will not just remove snakes. We also provide information and advice on how to prevent future encounters, understand snake behaviour, and what to do if a snake is sighted again.

Local Knowledge: Safe Spray has a deep understanding of local snake species and their behaviours in different regions of Australia.

Licensed and Certified: Safe Spray holds all relevant licenses and certifications as per Australian wildlife regulations. We always operate within the law and follow best practices.

Swift Response Time: Quick and timely response is crucial when dealing with potentially dangerous snakes. The Safe Spray snake removal team is always able to promptly attend to removal requests.

Safety Measures: Safety should be the top priority. Safe Spray enforces a clear set of protocols to ensure the safety of our team, the client, and the snake during the removal process.

Post-Removal Support: We offer support even after the removal, such as follow-up checks or advice for preventing future snake encounters.

Top Industries Requiring Snake Pest Control Services

Australia is renowned for its diverse snake population. Thus, we have numerous industries grappling with the need for efficient snake pest control services to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of their operations.

1. Agricultural Industry:

The expansive landscapes and favorable conditions of the agricultural sector make it a likely habitat for snakes, impacting the safety of workers and livestock. Efficient snake control is essential to mitigate risks and safeguard the industry’s assets and personnel


2. Construction Industry:

Construction sites, with their open spaces and material piles, can attract snakes. This poses a significant safety concern to construction workers. It is crucial for construction companies to implement preventive measures and engage professional snake control services to address potential threats promptly.

3. Tourism and Recreation Industry:

The tourism industry, especially those dealing with outdoor activities and accommodations, needs stringent snake control measures to ensure the safety of tourists and staff. Effective management is pivotal to uphold the industry’s reputation and avoid adverse encounters with snakes.

4. Education Sector:

Educational institutions, particularly those located in proximity to natural habitats, must employ proactive snake control strategies to maintain a safe learning environment for students and faculty members and to avoid any disruptions due to snake sightings.

5. Healthcare Facilities:

The presence of snakes in healthcare facilities can compromise the safety of patients, visitors, and staff. Implementing effective snake control and removal services is imperative to maintain a secure and hygienic environment within such establishments.

6. Residential Areas:

Residential communities, especially those near bushlands or bodies of water, often experience snake intrusions. Efficient snake control services are crucial to protecting residents and pets from potential snake bites and maintaining tranquility in living spaces.

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Everything You Need to Know About


Why snakes may be lurking around your business or home?

Snakes, like a lot of other pests are attracted to spaces that offer shelter and food. Your home or business property may be offering these to snakes. This puts you in danger of snake infestation, as well as the risks that come with the presence of snakes.

Shelters are selected for warmth, security and the proximity of food. Your property may be offering all these.

Yards/houses and business properties have always been potentially attractive to snakes. You may have rubbish lying around or exposed waste bins. This attracts rodents; and where there are rodents, there are snakes. You may have chicken pens and aviaries, which are some of the preferred food of pythons. Or maybe you have a decorative pond or even a running stream within your property. These attract frogs which are preferred by some snake species.

As a property owner, you need to be aware of this. You need to act on it too, so you can protect yourself and the people around you.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today and we’ll help you deal with your snake problem. Our strategies and tools are safe and cruelty-free. Secure your property while protecting the diversity of our ecology. Call today to know more!

What are the risks of snakes?

Australia is home to around 100 snake species. Of these, twelve (12) are highly venomous and dangerous to humans when aggressive.

Snakes aren’t typically interested in harming humans; we’re not even in their food chain. But some snakes can be particularly aggressive, especially when provoked. The danger lies in unknowingly provoking them by encroaching into their space or nest, or backing them in a corner. The reality is that snakes would prefer to just run away from you if they can. They pose danger when they sense danger for themselves and their nest.

Snakes are integral to a healthy and diverse ecology. As such, they are protected by Australian laws that make it illegal to harm snakes unless there are extreme circumstances. Extreme circumstances include threat to your life or an attack from a provoked snake.

Don’t let it get to this stage. We must learn to live with snakes and deal with their presence sustainably, without employing cruelty.

Safe Spray can help you keep your home or business property snake-free. Call to know how today!

How to Identify Snake Infestation?

Have you spotted a snake in or around your property?

Do not attempt to get close to a snake in any way - Snakes can attack when they feel cornered or threatened.

If you have taken a photo from a safe distance - you can upload a photo and our specialist will contact you.

Get in touch with Safe Spray - we’re here to help!

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Talk to the pest control team you can rely on with your snake problems. Safe Spray is the top pest control company in the region, providing you with comprehensive pest control services.

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