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Properties, in general, are susceptible to cockroaches and other crawling insects, such as ants, ticks, bed bugs and fleas. Cockroaches, for one, are attracted to warmth, food and water. It is typical for properties to have these cockroach welcoming habitats.

Safe Spray Pest Control’s Cockroach and Crawling Insect Solutions

The Safe Spray Pest Control team recommends the combined use of bait and glue trap to enable early detection and severity assessment. Once we’ve determined the potential damage and risk that we need to respond to, we will propose and apply our suggested solutions.

However, pests like cockroaches will keep on thriving when you provide them with their preferred habitat. As property owner, you should remember this and do your part in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and sanitation.

Safe Spray Pest Control’s Role

When you do your part, we will do our part tenfold!

  • Thorough site inspection – determine the level of cockroach and other crawling insect infestation and locate their harbourages
  • Detection, treatment and control Insecticide treatment of critical areas – control infestation through treatment; provide ongoing maintenance and upkeep

Insect detectors – provide ongoing monitoring for cockroach infestation

Receiving the wrong advice could cost you home or business! Tell Us About Your Cockroach Situation for Expert Advice that You Can Trust.

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Your home is an investment – not just in property but also in your future. It is your personal space. It is where you share time and love with friends, family and partners. Ensure that it is cockroach-free and pest-free. Give us a call and we will help you secure your home.
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Cockroach and other pests are some of your business’ biggest bane. Pests compromise your space, equipment, stock and even the health of your team. Perhaps, a costlier inconvenience with pest problems is how it harms your reputation. Aside from losing your investment, you can also lose your customers.
Make sure you are free of cockroach and other pests. Talk to Safe Spray today.
Help me with business’s cockroach issue

The Safespray Way

Safe Spray Pest Control is consistent in its processes and pest control strategies. This is how we’ve gained the trust and patronage of some of leaders in several industries in Sydney. We are your partners in brids-free and pest-free properties. We keep your investment safe and uncompromised.


Our work starts when we sit down with you to discuss your pest problem. Each scenario is different and we want to ensure that the advice we provide is the best-fit for your requirements. Our services are custom-designed to your specific needs. No approach is the same because no situation is the same.

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Safe Spray Pest Control will schedule a visit to your premises. Our experienced team will look at every nook and cranny, as well as known and possible problem areas where you can be experiencing termite (and other pests) infestations. Inspections allow us to fully assess your situation. Likewise, it gives us a purview of your problem areas; that is, where you are compromised and can experience future issues.

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We assess your needs based on our consultation and ocular inspection, and design a solution that’s custom-fit to your requirements. Safe Spray Pest Control strives to provide you with the best-fit pest control solution. This means that, from the materials and equipment we use to the strategies that we employ, you get a solution to your pest control problem that’s effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally-safe.

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We will confer with you regarding our suggested pest control solution and extermination procedures. Once we agree on our approach, our team of experts and tradesmen will come in and work on your premises. This can mean a temporary evacuation of your living of business space. We want to make sure that you, your space and your stocks/ belongings are safe and secure. Rest assured, we work thoroughly and promptly. You can look forward to be being back at home or work in no time!

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Safe Spray Pest Control is all about solutions that not only rid your property of termites and pests temporarily. Our solutions are designed to stop and even reverse your current infestation situation. Our goal is always to rid your space of pests, and implement strategies that prevent future pest problems.

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Don’t settle for pest control solutions that are only effective temporarily. This is a waste of money, and isn’t really the best approach to true pest control. At Safe Spray Pest Control, we provide you with pest prevention measures, alongside our extermination services. Because, for us, it doesn’t end with just ridding your property of its current pest. We are your partners in fortifying your investment, and in making sure it stays pristine and uncompromised.

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Our pest control services are backed by a 100% safe and effective guarantee. With Safe Spray Pest Control, you get:

  • Professional Expert Services
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians
  • 100% Safe and Effective Techniques and Chemicals
  • Industry-specific Monitoring Technology
  • Free Project Consultation

Highly Trained & Experienced

“Every Safe Spray technician undergoes ongoing training to ensure the effective delivery of up-to-date modern pest control solutions. With our team on the job, you can also take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and audit standards for your industry.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business or project is. We will spend time with you in order to effectively understand, identify, treat and monitor your unique pest problem.”

Daniel Danil

SafeSpray Pest Control Founder

When to Ask for Cockroach Infestation Pest Control Help

Cockroaches are perhaps so commonplace that you’d think twice about calling for professional pest control help. You can just pop into the store and by insect spray, right?

Unfortunately, the reality is that with DIY pest control solutions, you aren’t really getting to the root of the problem. Your cockroach infestation will occur over and over again, without professional pest control intervention.

Safe Spray provides you with a proactive approach to effective and economical pest control. Whether your cockroach problem is at home or at your place of business, we can help you solve your cockroach infestation problem.

The team works by combining key information about a cockroach’s lifecycle with our pest control solutions. After all, effective pest control has to get to the root of the problem. This means that we find where cockroaches nests; we find their eggs; we discover their food sources within your property.

Through our expert and proactive approach, you can look forward to persistent and effective cockroach infestation control solutions that are economical, human-safe and pet-safe.

Talk to the Safe Spray team today to know more about our cockroach infestation pest control solutions.

Cockroach Pest Control | In the Time of Covid-19

Cockroaches are those pests that we often take for granted. We see them in our homes and places of business, get out our store-bought insect spray, and hope that our constant spraying does the job.

The unfortunate reality is that this is only a temporary fix. You are likely to have a cockroach infestation within your property and need the services of a professional pest control company, such as Safe Spray.

In the time of a pandemic, as we are in now, you might pause to wonder: do you really need professional pest control NOW?

The answer is yes, you do – especially now. With the whole world in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to ensure that your sanctuary, your home or place of work, is free from cockroach pests.

Cockroaches compromise your health. They spread diseases, contaminate food stocks, and damage property. During a pandemic, you shouldn’t have to tolerate their presence as this adds to your health risks.

Take action today and get in touch with Safe Spray. Call and we’d be happy to explain the recent steps we’ve taken to ensure that our procedures are compliant with Covid-19’s stricter safety and hygiene standards.

What You Can Do about Cockroach

Professional pest control by Safe Spray is the best way to deal with cockroach infestation. Through Safe Spray, you can be sure that inspection, treatment and monitoring are always thorough and effective.

Of course, there are a few things you can do to prevent the worse. Before a cockroach infestation happens, protect yourself. Here are a few tips:

1. Cockroaches are scavengers so it’s best to keep temptations away from them. Put food in airtight containers. Make sure that your trash bins are properly covered and sealed. If possible, try to keep food sources around your home safe and concealed.

2. Clean up. A messy place is a place that unknowingly offer food and shelter options to pests. So, if you don’t want cockroaches to hang around, make sure that you space is spick and span.

3. With clutter, there is several possibilities of leaving trails of food and nesting spaces for cockroaches. So, it’s a good idea to declutter. Get rid of stacks, and dusty and dank spaces. Clean up your space and there won’t be any cockroaches nesting.

For more information cockroach pest control, get in touch with Safe Spray. We will help you secure your space from pest cockroaches.

Don’t Let Cockroaches Get In the Way of Your Celebrations!

It’s summer and the holidays, at that! With so many looking forward to meeting and sharing meals with family and loved ones again, there’s bound to be a lot of parties and get-together planned.

One of the things that can ruin these good times are pests, such as cockroaches. Cockroaches are attracted to food and other waste materials. They look for spaces that have ample warmth. If your warm and welcoming home is also party central, then you can expect cockroaches to be around.

Prevent infestation by acting fast. Once you detect the presence of cockroaches, call for professional pest control. The Safe Spray team can provide you with the services of our pest control team right away.

Of course, there are also a few things you can do to stave off cockroach infestation. You can put away any food scraps and waste materials securely in tightly covered bins. Keep your food and other perishable materials in sealed containers. Likewise, regularly clean your premises.

For cockroach infestation, call Safe Spray today. We are the most trusted name in professional pest control services.

Look Forward to a New Year Without Cockroaches!

Celebrate the new year without cockroaches. These pests are bound to compromise get-togethers, parties, and even everyday activities when you let them run amok. Don’t risk your safety and health, as well those of the people who surround you.

Effective and reliable cockroach pest control needs to be consistent. It needs to be done with the help of a professional pest control team.

Safe Spray is the trusted name in cockroach pest control in the country. We have provided our pest control services to several industries, businesses and private entities. For each pest control job, we give our best service. We always have a mindset that knows the uniqueness of each pest situation. Safe Spray brings you pest solutions that is tailor-fit for your exact needs.

Talk to Safe Spray today about your cockroach situation. We help you pinpoint hotspots and problem areas. We then provide you with sustainable solutions that do not disrupt your day-to-day.

Renew your commitment to staying pest-free this new year with the help of Safe Spray. Our team will provide you with cockroach pest control services that are levels above what you used to get.

When to Call for Help With Your Cockroach Infestation Problems

Cockroaches are commonplace pests in the country. You can easily get pesticides in spray cans to try to get rid of them. It is hard to know when cockroach problems are so severe that you need professional help.

One of the first things to do is assess how much the cockroaches are getting in the way of your day-to-day. In residences, are you finding cockroaches everywhere, especially in your cooking space and trash bins? For businesses, especially those in the food industry, are cockroaches compromising your stocks, how your people go about their work, and even your final products?

When cockroaches overrun your space and gets in the way of you getting things done, then it’s time to ditch the DIY spray can of pesticides. These are only giving you a temporary solution to your cockroach problem.

Talk to the Safe Spray team and we’ll check out your place. We will give you a professional assessment of what might be causing your cockroach problems. And, we help you deal with these causes, and provide you with long term solutions to your cockroach pest control problems.

Should You DIY Your Cockroach Pest Control?

Arguably, using your shoe to swat a pesky cockroach is DIY cockroach pest control – right? Well, sure, if your cockroach problem is just that one cockroach. Imagine swatting a cockroach infestations. That’s a nightmare!

The best solution for a cockroach infestation is always by calling a professional pest control team. Safe Spray has the expertise, gear and materials needed to provide you with long term pest cockroach solutions.

If ever you’re tempted to DIY it for a bit, try to get some table sugar and borax. Supposedly, combining these two and dusting them in areas that attract the most cockroaches work in killing a few them.

This does not, however, get to the root of the problem. Like the shoe swatting solution, you only eradicate a few members of the cockroach colony. A professional pest control team will always offer better ways to eradicate cockroaches from your property, effectively and for the long term.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today to know more about the pest cockroach solutions we offer. We are happy to discuss our methods and procedures with you. Call our hotline today and act fast. Safe Spray offers the best solutions to your cockroach pest problems.

Improve Your Cockroach Pest Control: Here’s a Few Things You Can Do

Cockroach infestation is preventable when you have a reliable pest control partner. Safe Spray is always here to ensure your property is cockroach-free.

Even then, knowing what you can do to improve cockroach pest control is equally important. Here are some tips.

Conduct regular cockroach inspection: Your pest control service provider should conduct regular inspections of cockroach hot sports. You can do this too when you know the typical locations of cockroach activity.

A combination of pest control methods is always best: Cockroach control and prevention require a combination of pest control methods, including chemical treatment, baiting and using physical barriers.

Improve sanitation: These pests are attracted to moisture and food. Through proper food storage and disposal, you can prevent the onset of infestation.

Exclusion strategies: This pertains to strategies that target the entry points for pests, like cockroaches. Make sure these entry points are properly sealed; you can start by applying caulk to seal off door frames, windows and baseboards.

Consider baiting strategies: Baiting is a great option when you haven’t located your cockroach colony. Members of the colony get infected with the insecticide and they spread it to the rest of the colony.

Know more. CALL 1300 562 053.

Top Industries That Need Cockroach Pest Control Services

Several industries in the country are particularly susceptible to cockroach infestations. They require effective pest control services to maintain hygiene, health standards, and operational integrity. Here are some of the top industries requiring specialised cockroach pest control services:

1. Food and Beverage Industry:

Given the abundance of food sources, the food and beverage sector is particularly vulnerable to cockroach infestations. Effective pest control is paramount to ensure food safety, maintain sanitation standards, and prevent contamination, protecting consumers and upholding industry reputation.

2. Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, must maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. The presence of cockroaches can compromise patient health and wellness, making regular pest control services essential in these environments


3. Hospitality Industry:

Hotels, motels, and other accommodation providers need to maintain a pest-free environment to ensure guest satisfaction and safety. Regular inspections and pest control measures are crucial to address any potential cockroach issues promptly.

4. Education Sector:

Schools, universities, and other educational institutions must provide safe and clean learning environments. The management of cockroach infestations is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and maintain a conducive learning atmosphere.

5. Retail Industry:

Retailers, especially those dealing with food products, must regularly employ pest control services to protect their goods from contamination, maintain customer trust, and comply with health regulations.

6. Manufacturing Industry:

The manufacturing sector, particularly those involved in food processing, must be vigilant about cockroach control to ensure the production of safe, uncontaminated products and to adhere to stringent quality standards.

7. Residential and Real Estate:

Property managers and homeowners often need pest control services to handle cockroach infestations, in order to protect property value and ensure the well-being of residents.

8. Agriculture Sector:

Cockroach control is significant in agricultural settings. This safeguards crop quality and protects livestock from diseases transmitted by these pests.

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Everything You Need to Know About


What are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are possibly the most recognisable and shriek-inducing pests around. They grow to over 50mm in length, are reddish-brown and have 6 legs and 2 antennae. They also have wings, although many of them thankfully can’t fly.

The presence of cockroaches is a sign of bad hygiene. Once you spot the presence of cockroaches, it is ideal to do a general clean-up, and the implement cockroach extermination and control strategies.

Get in touch with a professional pest control services company. SafeSpray can provide you with a thorough cockroach extermination services, as well as reliable cockroach control strategies. Act fast and save yourself from the risks and hassles of dealing with cockroach infestation. Call today!

What Are the Risks of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches come with risks. They are a sign of poor hygiene, and this is always synonymous with health risks.

The feeding and nesting of cockroaches come with pathogenic organisms. These organisms transfer to the surfaces and food they touch. You and your loved ones can contract diseases when you come in contract with these surfaces and food.

Some of the health complications that you can contract because of cockroaches include:

  • Asthma
  • Salmonellosis
  • E. coli infections
  • Listeriosis
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Typhoid fever
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery

Businesses also suffer repercussions if they have cockroaches in their premises. Food stocks can be contaminated. You can get bad reputation, should clients see the pests. You might also be fined for breaching food and hygiene regulations.

How to Identify Cockroach Infestation?

There are signs that you can look out for when you suspect cockroach infestation. These include:

  • ▸ Cockroach droppings
  • ▸ Cockroach eggs
  • ▸ Smear marks on surfaces they crawl on
  • ▸ Cockroach skin or wings
  • ▸ Foul odour
  • ▸ Live cockroaches

Be wary when you see these signs of cockroach infestation. Act fast when you spot them. This could mean the difference in fast hassle-free problem pest eradication or headaches from the repercussions of having pest cockroaches. Get in touch with a professional cockroach pest control services company for help.

SafeSpray is a leading pest control services company. Call us for your cockroach infestation problem. Our team will do a thorough site assessment and cockroach extermination services. Call us today!

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