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November is springtime; it is also an active time for wasps. Some wasps species, such as paper wasps, are active all year round. European wasps, however, can only be observed during springtime in warmer places, such as South Australia, Tasmania, Southern NSW and Victoria.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with wasps.

Most of the time, bird infestation is hard to spot. You might think a bird or two roosting within your property is endearing or cute. Wait until this becomes a flock!

Allowing birds to roost for some time will likely become a worse problem in the future. These birds become pests that compromise the health of people around you, makes your property’s exteriors look and smell dirty, and can decrease the value of your business and property.

At the first sign of bird infestation, call Safe Spray. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Spring is a wonderful time – not just for us, but for pests too. As the months get warmer, pests come out and become more common. They gravitate towards hotspots that offer food, moisture and shelter.

When spring comes, take time to do some spring cleaning. Your goal is not just to declutter. Spring cleaning is also a good way to ensure that you can keep pests off your property. Here are a few pest hotspots to include in your spring cleaning.

August 17 is Termite Awareness Day. More than anything, on this day, we should remember that termites are real persistent threats to our property investments, threats that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

There are more than 350 termite species in Australia. Around 40 of these are invasive, and have costed more than $100 million in damages per year to properties in the country. Some of the damages caused by termites are irreparable. On Termite Awareness Day, stay aware and take proactive action to protect your property from the threats of termites.

Here are a few more things to remember this Termite Awareness Day:

Pest control management is a continuous endeavor. It is not a one-time effort wherein your property gets treatment, and that’s it. Truly effective pest control should be for the long-term. And, the best way to guarantee this is through Safe Spray’s Quality Assurance Report.

The Quality Assurance Report is a service we offer for all businesses, property managers, and even homeowners. You don’t have to be our pest control client to get the service. As long as you’ve gotten pest control services (whether from us or another pest control company), you need to follow it up with a Quality Assurance Report.

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