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"Our Company prides itself in the delivering of Safe Pest Control Services to the Community. As part of our commitment to the Community we do business the right way, working safely to protect you, your family and what's important to you."

Danny (Managing Director)



Each day Safe Spray Staff deliver solutions to clients' premises that protect their assets, so they can achieve their goals whether personal or business. We do this through our staff, where we believe taking responsibility for their Safety, Fair Compensation, Environment and the Community we work in, are very important to us.

We ensure our staff know their safety is of most importance. It is important to their families, friends and Safe Spray that they return home safe. We believe in a fair reward for our Staff with the possibilities to receive a package that is beneficial to them and their families. The Environment is our utmost concern with our purpose to protect it from pests, whilst minimising our footprint through reducing our use of limited resources by efficient scheduling of our fleet and the recycling of waste. Finally, our commitment to Community, we wish to help those in Australia that need support when they need it most - our focus is on our Children and their Early Education.

At Safe Spray - our CSR programs are our way of protecting you, our teams and the community and environment we work in.

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation supporting children, young people, and their families to thrive in the most marginalised and hardest to reach communities.

Established in 1919, they work with communities in more than 200 locations across remote, regional and metropolitan Australia, ensuring that children and young people are healthy, safe, on track with their education, connected to community and culture, and supported in realising their future aspirations, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances.

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We all love the Panthers and Safe Spray is taking this love to the next level with our new partnership with the organisation.

The Panthers Group is actually more than the NRL team. The group has some of the largest collections of clubs, and lifestyle and hospitality venues in NSW. It is a “community-owned” organisation. And as such, the group has always endeavored to find ways to give back to the community.

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