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Rats and mice are some of a business owner's worst nightmares. Not only do these pests destroy property and stock, they also pose health risks to you and your work crew.

Safe Spray Pest Control’s Expertise in Rats and Mice Control
We understand you and your needs. We know that it is important to eliminate and control the rats and mice within your premises while giving you the freedom to do business, as usual.

This is where our expertise and years of experience come in. Through our tried and tested methods, we rid your property of these destructive pests. Our practices comply with acceptable practice laws and standards in Sydney. Our service is customised to suit your needs. You can count on us for a rats and mice-free property.

Safe Spray Pest Control’s Role
Safe Spray Pest Control provides effective, efficient and standard-compliant rats and mice control solutions for your property, workplace or place of business. Please get in touch with the team to know more about our pest control services.

Receiving the wrong advice could cost you home or business! Tell Us About Your Rat and Mouse Situation for Expert Advice that You Can Trust.

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Your home is an investment – not just in property but also in your future. It is your personal space. It is where you share time and love with friends, family and partners. Ensure that it is rat and mouse-free and pest-free. Give us a call and we will help you secure your home.
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Rat and Mouse and other pests are some of your business’ biggest bane. Pests compromise your space, equipment, stock and even the health of your team. Perhaps, a costlier inconvenience with pest problems is how it harms your reputation. Aside from losing your investment, you can also lose your customers.
Make sure you are free of rat and mouse and other pests. Talk to Safe Spray today.
Help me with business’s rat and mouse issue

The Safespray Way

Safe Spray Pest Control is consistent in its processes and pest control strategies. This is how we’ve gained the trust and patronage of some of leaders in several industries in Sydney. We are your partners in rats and mice-free and pest-free properties. We keep your investment safe and uncompromised.


Our work starts when we sit down with you to discuss your pest problem. Each scenario is different and we want to ensure that the advice we provide is the best-fit for your requirements. Our services are custom-designed to your specific needs. No approach is the same because no situation is the same.

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Safe Spray Pest Control will schedule a visit to your premises. Our experienced team will look at every nook and cranny, as well as known and possible problem areas where you can be experiencing termite (and other pests) infestations. Inspections allow us to fully assess your situation. Likewise, it gives us a purview of your problem areas; that is, where you are compromised and can experience future issues.

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We assess your needs based on our consultation and ocular inspection, and design a solution that’s custom-fit to your requirements. Safe Spray Pest Control strives to provide you with the best-fit pest control solution. This means that, from the materials and equipment we use to the strategies that we employ, you get a solution to your pest control problem that’s effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally-safe.

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We will confer with you regarding our suggested pest control solution and extermination procedures. Once we agree on our approach, our team of experts and tradesmen will come in and work on your premises. This can mean a temporary evacuation of your living of business space. We want to make sure that you, your space and your stocks/ belongings are safe and secure. Rest assured, we work thoroughly and promptly. You can look forward to be being back at home or work in no time!

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Safe Spray Pest Control is all about solutions that not only rid your property of termites and pests temporarily. Our solutions are designed to stop and even reverse your current infestation situation. Our goal is always to rid your space of pests, and implement strategies that prevent future pest problems.

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Don’t settle for pest control solutions that are only effective temporarily. This is a waste of money, and isn’t really the best approach to true pest control. At Safe Spray Pest Control, we provide you with pest prevention measures, alongside our extermination services. Because, for us, it doesn’t end with just ridding your property of its current pest. We are your partners in fortifying your investment, and in making sure it stays pristine and uncompromised.

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Our pest control services are backed by a 100% safe and effective guarantee. With Safe Spray Pest Control, you get:

  • Professional Expert Services
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians
  • 100% Safe and Effective Techniques and Chemicals
  • Industry-specific Monitoring Technology
  • Free Project Consultation

Highly Trained & Experienced

“Every Safe Spray technician undergoes ongoing training to ensure the effective delivery of up-to-date modern pest control solutions. With our team on the job, you can also take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and audit standards for your industry.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business or project is. We will spend time with you in order to effectively understand, identify, treat and monitor your unique pest problem.”

Daniel Danil

SafeSpray Pest Control Founder

Know When You Need Rodent Rat Mouse Pest Control Services

Rodents, rats and mice are practically everywhere in the region. We have this idea that they will always be present in any home or property. This is because these places are sure sources of warmth and food for these pests. So, many end up resigned to hearing their nightly squeaks, and making do with the small chaos they leave (droppings and gnawed out furniture, wirings and other materials).

This shouldn’t be the case. Rodents, rats are mice are some of the most destructive pests around. Gnawed out wirings can cause groundings and accidents. They can contaminate our food and spread diseases. Likewise, they can compromise the integrity/ foundation of your home.

Do not be resigned with having these pests around. Whether it’s your home or place of business, you need to make sure that it is rodent-, rat-, and mouse-free.

Safe Spray is the trusted team in the region for effective and economical rodent rat and mouse pest control. Our strategies are proactive and safe for humans and pets.

Secure your property and investment, and make sure it is rodent- rat- and mouse-free. Talk to us today about our pest control services.

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Great service. Very happy!
Would not go to anyone else! I was so happy with the service I got and would 100% recommend to all friends and family. Keep up the fantastic work!
by Maddie
Fast and efficient
Was very happy with the service. Friendly staff. Easy to deal with and effective. I would recommend this company.
by John Galt
Easy to book in and quick to come out - the unwanted residents (rodents) were eradicated within 5 days of putting down the poison. Thankyou!
by Ange
Precise and effective
The work done in our home was extremely professional, and successful, we are happy to promote this company, thank you
by Lenny B

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Everything You Need to Know About

Rats, Mice & Rodents

What are Rats, Mice & Rodents?

Rats, mice and rodents are often misused and misidentified pests. The fact is, rats and mice are types of rodents; they all fall under the order Rodentia. These animals are distinguished by their upper and lower incisors that continually grow. They also have small bodies with long tails and short limbs.

More than 40% of mammals around the world belong to the rodent family. These include squirrels, chipmunks, rats and mice, beavers, hamsters and more.

Most rodents are safe and pose little threat to humans. However, feral rodents may carry diseases. Likewise, they can also destroy property.

Examples of feral rodents include: black rats, house mice, and brown rats.

If you suspect rats or mice (rodents) infestation, get in touch with SafeSpray ASAP.

What Are the Risks of Rats, Mice & Rodents?

The presence of certain rodent species puts you and your loved ones at risk. At the same time, your property, appliances and furniture may also be damaged by these pests.

Some of the health and property risks that come with rats, mice and rodents are:

  • Spread of diseases, such as typhus fever and leptospirosis.
  • Rodents can carry ticks and fleas that feed on blood from pets and humans, as well as spread diseases.
  • Food can be contaminated by rodent feces, urine and hair. This can cause food poisoning.
  • The presence of rats and mice can make your property have an unpleasant smell.
  • Your property’s foundation, as well as your furniture, appliances and wiring can be damaged by rodent gnawing.

Avoid all these. Call SafeSpray and act fast against rats, mice and rodents infestation.

How to Identify Rats, Mice & Rodents Infestation?

Rats and mice (types of rodents) are active at night. However, when you’ve got a lot of rodents within your property or if your location has a lot of food that rodents love, you might even see them during the daytime.

Here are signs to look out for when it comes to rats, mice and rodents infestation:

  • ▸ Feces that are thin, black and moist
  • ▸ Leftovers from gnawed items
  • ▸ Grawed fruits, vegetables and food packaging
  • ▸ Burrow holes
  • ▸ Grease marks on rodent “runways”
  • ▸ Rodent squeaks, especially at night

When you see any of these signs, get in touch with SafeSpray! The sooner you take action against rodent infestation, the better it is for you, your loved ones and your property. Call now!

Got Rats, Mice & Rodents? Call a professional pest control company right away!

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