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Food Manufacturing Pest Control

Safe Spray is your food manufacturing pest control partner. We have a specialised team of experts to help assess, control and maintain the safety and hygiene of your food business and processes. Call us today to find out more on 1300 562 053.

Legislated Food Manufacturing Standards

There are several legislated policies that require compliance from food manufacturing companies. These regulations were put in place to protect consumers; at the same time, it allows food companies to strictly enforce their quality assurance strategies.

Pest control is integral in guaranteeing utmost standards in food manufacturing.

Safe Spray is your professional pest control and management partner, providing you with proactive and effective pest control services. We help ensure your compliance with legislated regulations, as well as the industry’s best standards and practices.

Zero Pests, Guaranteed

At the core of food manufacturing is the innate responsibility to assure the safety of the food products you produce. Taste and other factors are secondary. Foremost to any food manufacturer is that their products are safe for consumption.

Pest control is essential in order to achieve this. As your professional pest control partner, Safe Spray is integral to your compliance and success.

Partners with the FMCG Industry

Safe Spray has been fostered a strong partnership with the FMCG industry, including the AIB, HACCP, BRC, and the Australia Food & Grocery Council.

We have led the pest control industry in pushing forward with above par compliance with the many legislative regulations. Our efforts as pest control professionals are integral to the compliance of the members of the FMCG industry.

Safe Spray provides you with a comprehensive business and processes assessment. We pinpoint risks and vulnerabilities and develop a proactive approach in pest control and management. Get in touch with us for an assessment.

Your Brand / Reputation is Safe

In the commercial market, your brand is sacred. It is what sells your products. It is what the public knows about you.

Safe Spray helps protect your brand from being tarnished with issues and incidents arising from ill-managed quality control. Our food manufacturing pest control services shield you from ruined reputation and, worse, declines in sales.

Your brand comes first. And our team of food manufacturing pest control specialists will defend it through tried and tested strategies and proactive monitoring and control.

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Double Down on Pest Control This New Year

The food manufacturing industry is typically encumbered by big responsibilities, from ensuring they provide a safe working environment for their employees to producing safe consumable products. There are several processes that go into guaranteeing that these manufacturers fulfill these responsibilities. One of them – a crucial one – is pest control.

As we enter a new year and as the country bask in renewed hope, amidst the pandemic, it bears upon food manufacturers to double down on their pest control efforts to guarantee truly safe work environments and food products.

Safe Spray is the trusted partner in food manufacturing pest control. We have provided our pest management services to several big manufacturing companies in the country. Our solutions are always custom designed to meet your specific and unique requirements.

Get in touch with the team today to book a site visit. Our experts will assess and plan your pest control solutions, as well as arrange the best schedule for implementing our pest control measures. Our service also includes monitoring and maintenance to ensure your premises stay pest-free for a long time. Call today to find out more.

Build Up Your Food Manufacturing Business with Improved Pest Control

Effective pest control has always been integral to food manufacturing. There are several laws that require you to align with acceptable quality standards. This goes in the food that you produce, as well as the environment these items are produced in.

This has meant that pest control companies, like Safe Spray, have always worked hand in hand with food manufacturing companies. When you partner with a pest control team that you can trust – one that provides you with a comprehensive pest control solution that’s tailored to your needs – you can rest assured that all else will fall in place.

Talk to Safe Spray today and learn about how you can improve your food manufacturing business’ pest control. Invest in pest control today and you are also investing in your business.

Once you make an appointment with our team, we come over for a thorough ocular inspection. From there, we will put together the best pest control solutions for your business. Our team works alongside your team to ensure that we don’t get in the way of your day to day.

Book an appointment today and get started on the best pest control for your food manufacturing business.

Is It Time To Double Down on Your Food Manufacturing Business’ Pest Control?

For a food manufacturing business, pest control is an intricate element in its processes. Pest control isn’t in the final product, of course. But, in the production scenario, it is an important element, something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

And it always pays off for food manufacturing businesses to double down on their pest control. Getting regular, consistent and effective professional pest control services is an investment. While your final product may not show how it is helped by pest control, you know it’s there.

Through pest control, you are not only guaranteeing that your on-location work crew works within safe and hygienic premises. You also know that the products you churn out are free from contamination and other health risks that come with having pests.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today and learn more about the ways we can help your food manufacturing business. We can schedule a discussion with you, where we talk about your current pest issues and the pest control technologies and methodologies we apply for your pest control solution.

Give us a call today and let’s get to work! With Safe Spray, you partner with the trusted name in pest control in Australia.

Your Food Manufacturing Business' Success Strategy: Partnership with A Leading National Pest Control Company

Working with a national pest control company, such as Safe Spray, is vital to the success of your food manufacturing business in Australia.

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness is paramount in food manufacturing. Pests can contaminate products, compromise production processes, and lead to significant food safety risks. Safe Spray, with our expert services, can ensure a hygienic and pest-free production environment, protecting product integrity.

Likewise, pest infestation can result in product loss, which leads to significant financial problems. The diverse facilities within a food manufacturing plant, from raw material storage to production lines and finished goods warehouses, can attract various pests. A national pest control company, such as Safe Spray, can provide comprehensive pest control solutions, safeguarding every facet of the operation and reducing the risk of costly disruptions.

If your food manufacturing business operates multiple production sites, a national pest control company can ensure consistent service standards across all locations. This uniformity simplifies management processes and guarantees that each facility meets the same high standards of pest control, irrespective of their geographical location.

Ensure a high standard of hygiene and safeguard production processes with the help of Safe Spray.

Common Pest Problems in Food Manufacturing and Their Solutions

Here are the common pest problems experienced in food manufacturing. When neglected, these can lead to contamination, damage to products, and health risks to consumers and employees.

Rodents: Rodents, such as rats and mice, are a primary concern in food manufacturing. They can contaminate food with their droppings and urine, potentially spreading diseases like salmonellosis. They also cause physical damage to packaging and structures.

Food manufacturers need to implement integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, which include regular inspections, sealing entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and using traps or baits in strategic locations. If infestation is severe, you will need to contract the professional services of Safe Spray.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches carry pathogens that can cause illnesses, like E. coli and Salmonella. Effective solutions include strict sanitation practices, eliminating moisture sources, sealing cracks and crevices, and employing bait stations and residual sprays.

Professional pest control services by Safe Spray can provide targeted treatments to infested areas, ensuring long-term effective pest control.

Flies: Flies can spread disease-causing bacteria in food manufacturing facilities. Solutions include installing UV insect light traps, maintaining hygienic practices, and ensuring proper waste management. Air curtains at entry points can also be effective in preventing fly ingress.

Pest infestation in food manufacturing is a serious deal. Make sure to get in touch with Safe Spray promptly once you suspect pests.

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