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Food Manufacturing Pest Control

Safe Spray is your food manufacturing pest control partner. We have a specialised team of experts to help assess, control and maintain the safety and hygiene of your food business and processes. Call us today to find out more on 1300 562 053.

Legislated Food Manufacturing Standards

There are several legislated policies that require compliance from food manufacturing companies. These regulations were put in place to protect consumers; at the same time, it allows food companies to strictly enforce their quality assurance strategies.

Pest control is integral in guaranteeing utmost standards in food manufacturing.

Safe Spray is your professional pest control and management partner, providing you with proactive and effective pest control services. We help ensure your compliance with legislated regulations, as well as the industry’s best standards and practices.

Zero Pests, Guaranteed

At the core of food manufacturing is the innate responsibility to assure the safety of the food products you produce. Taste and other factors are secondary. Foremost to any food manufacturer is that their products are safe for consumption.

Pest control is essential in order to achieve this. As your professional pest control partner, Safe Spray is integral to your compliance and success.

Partners with the FMCG Industry

Safe Spray has been fostered a strong partnership with the FMCG industry, including the AIB, HACCP, BRC, and the Australia Food & Grocery Council.

We have led the pest control industry in pushing forward with above par compliance with the many legislative regulations. Our efforts as pest control professionals are integral to the compliance of the members of the FMCG industry.

Safe Spray provides you with a comprehensive business and processes assessment. We pinpoint risks and vulnerabilities and develop a proactive approach in pest control and management. Get in touch with us for an assessment.

Your Brand / Reputation is Safe

In the commercial market, your brand is sacred. It is what sells your products. It is what the public knows about you.

Safe Spray helps protect your brand from being tarnished with issues and incidents arising from ill-managed quality control. Our food manufacturing pest control services shield you from ruined reputation and, worse, declines in sales.

Your brand comes first. And our team of food manufacturing pest control specialists will defend it through tried and tested strategies and proactive monitoring and control.

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