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These birds can cause major damage; and expose your team and clients to health risks... not to mention the sanitation problems and unsightly defacing of your premises.

Safe Spray Pest Control’s Unsurpassed Expertise in Bird Control

Safe Spray is the leading name in reliable and effective bird pest control. Our reputation precedes us. Our strategies and methodologies are sustainable and humane. We employ the latest technologies, ensuring that we adhere with the industry’s best practices and guidelines. We abide by the country’s animal protection laws – all while providing you with truly effective bird pest control services. Whatever you bird pest control situation is, we’ve got you covered. Safe Spray provides you with custom bird pest control solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

Don’t worry if things have gotten out of hand, and birds have infiltrated your property. Talk to us today about your bird pest problems.
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Safe Pest Control’s Leading Bird Control Services

Safe Spray Pest Control has a team of bird pest control experts who are adept in the latest methodologies and technologies used in sustainable bird pest control. You get custom solutions that are specific to your location, property and situation.
Some of the methodologies we use include:


Restricts access to nesting areas, suitable for large areas such warehousing and commercial spaces.



Flexible and virtually invisible solutions to restrict bird access, nesting and the like while guaranteeing the safety of birds.



Near invisible solution suitable for historical buildings, rooves with ridge tiles and edges, balustrades and parapets.


All these methods are designed to keep pest birds off you property and deter them from roosting or nesting within it. These are safe and humane for the birds, and highly effective.

Let’s discuss your current bird pest problem, and we’ll put together a custom solution for your property.

Receiving the wrong advice could cost you home or business! Tell Us About Your Bird Situation for Expert Advice that You Can Trust.

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Your property is an investment. It is a safe place for you, your loved ones, and pets. Pest birds compromise the sanctity of your home by exposing you to health risks, sanitation problems, and even damages to structural fixtures and foundation.

Keep pest birds off your home! Call Safe Spray today!
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Bird pests not only expose your business to health and sanitation risks, and property damages. These pests can also ruin your business’ good reputation.

Keep your customers, work crew, stocks and supplies, and business property safe from pest birds! Book an appointment with our team to find solutions to your bird pest problems.
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The Safe Spray Way

Safe Spray is a leading name in effective bird pest control in Australia. We have provided pest management solutions to countless homeowners, business managers, industrial and public property managers in the country. We value this trust and patronage and have continued to strive to provide the best possible pest control services to all our clients.

For us, the key to this is consistency and a truly proactive approach to pest control management. From consultation to treatment and prevention/monitoring, we work with you in implementing a wholistic pest management solution that works and is long-term.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today to know more about our expert pest control services, and what we can do to help you.


Our work starts when we sit down with you to discuss your pest problem. Each scenario is different and we want to ensure that the advice we provide is the best-fit for your requirements. Our services are custom-designed to your specific needs. No approach is the same because no situation is the same.

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Safe Spray Pest Control will schedule a visit to your premises. Our experienced team will look at every nook and cranny, as well as known and possible problem areas where you can be experiencing termite (and other pests) infestations. Inspections allow us to fully assess your situation. Likewise, it gives us a purview of your problem areas; that is, where you are compromised and can experience future issues.

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We assess your needs based on our consultation and ocular inspection, and design a solution that’s custom-fit to your requirements. Safe Spray Pest Control strives to provide you with the best-fit pest control solution. This means that, from the materials and equipment we use to the strategies that we employ, you get a solution to your pest control problem that’s effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally-safe.

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We will confer with you regarding our suggested pest control solution and extermination procedures. Once we agree on our approach, our team of experts and tradesmen will come in and work on your premises. This can mean a temporary evacuation of your living of business space. We want to make sure that you, your space and your stocks/ belongings are safe and secure. Rest assured, we work thoroughly and promptly. You can look forward to be being back at home or work in no time!

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Safe Spray Pest Control is all about solutions that not only rid your property of termites and pests temporarily. Our solutions are designed to stop and even reverse your current infestation situation. Our goal is always to rid your space of pests, and implement strategies that prevent future pest problems.

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Don’t settle for pest control solutions that are only effective temporarily. This is a waste of money, and isn’t really the best approach to true pest control. At Safe Spray Pest Control, we provide you with pest prevention measures, alongside our extermination services. Because, for us, it doesn’t end with just ridding your property of its current pest. We are your partners in fortifying your investment, and in making sure it stays pristine and uncompromised.

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Our pest control services are backed by a 100% safe and effective guarantee. With Safe Spray Pest Control, you get:

  • Professional Expert Services
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians
  • 100% Safe and Effective Techniques and Chemicals
  • Industry-specific Monitoring Technology
  • Free Project Consultation

Highly Trained & Experienced

“Every Safe Spray technician undergoes ongoing training to ensure the effective delivery of up-to-date modern pest control solutions. With our team on the job, you can also take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and audit standards for your industry.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business or project is. We will spend time with you in order to effectively understand, identify, treat and monitor your unique pest problem.”

Daniel Danil

SafeSpray Pest Control Founder

Bird Pest Management by Safe Spray

Don’t let your pest bird control problem get out of hand. At the first sign of possible pest infestation, get in touch with Safe Spray for reliable bird pest management options.

Safe Spray has been the region’s most trusted name in pest management systems. We have partnered with some of the top commercial and industrial establishments in Sydney, Penrith and nearby surround, providing them with comprehensive and pro-active pest management options. Likewise, we are the number one choice of residential owners and small businesses when it comes to affordable and reliable pest management solutions.

We help you get your bird pest problem in control through established processes and tools that manage your current pest infestation, and monitor and address any possible future infestations.

By having our pest management systems in place, you are guaranteeing that your property remains pest bird-free through humane pest bird control methods and tools.

Keep your establishment, plantation, and homes pristine and free of pests. The Safe Spray pest management team provides a thorough site and problem assessment. After which, we’ll implement pest management and monitoring solutions that solve your pest bird control problems.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today and tell us about your bird pest management requirements.

Bird Pest Management in the Time of Covid 19

While the Covid-19 virus strain did not come from birds, the fact that it came from an animal that is considered a pest in some regions is jarring. It should get the message across, loud and clear. Manage your pests because they compromise the health and safety of the people you love, others and yourself.

Bird pest management is part and parcel of all this. When you secure your property from pest birds, you are securing your investment, both tangible and intangible.

Bird pest management by Safe Spray is your ideal partner in the time of a pandemic. We are COVID-19 certified, which means we are able to conduct our services while ensure pristine sanitation and safety.

The Safe Spray team will ensure that your property is rid of pest birds. Through our tried and tested methods, you can look forward to a truly safe, clean and pest-free environment. This is the first step in ensure your health, and those of the people around you.

Let us help you stay healthy and stop the pandemic on its tracks. Get in touch with the Safe Spray team today.

What You Can Do about Pest Birds

We often say that the best pest bird control is professional pest bird control. That’s why we’ve encouraged you to contact our team for your bird infestation problems.

However, there are a few things you can do to help prevent bird infestation in your home or property.

Foremost here is reducing the availability of food and water. These are major motivations for birds to visit and return to specific locations. In the same way, do not feed pest birds. These are smart creatures and will always remember you and your location as a food source.

Trash bins have also been reliable sources of food for birds so make sure yours are effectively covered.

Pest birds also look for locations where they can roost. So, remove any structures that may attract roosting birds. You can also protect these structures through bird spikes and the like. Talk to Safe Spray about your options.

Trees are also places where birds find roosting spots so make sure foliage around your home is property trimmed.

Of course, your best protection is professional pest bird control. Get more information about our services. Talk to Safe Spray today.

A New Year, A New Chance to Improve Your Bird Pest Control

This new year, take the opportunity to assess (or, in some cases, reassess) your bird pest control.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are pest birds getting in the way of normal day-to-day activities or business?

2. Is your old pest bird control seemingly useless or ineffective?

3. Do you want a more reliable way to control bird activities within your property?

If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to get in touch with Safe Spray. We are your best partner in renewing you bird pest control efforts this new year.

Safe Spray is the leading name in reliable bird pest control services. We are the current professional partners of several businesses in AU where effective bird pest control is crucial to daily operations. We can give your property, whether commercial or private, the bird pest control that’s best.

Call the team today and tell us all about your bird situation. We can send over a team for an ocular inspection of your property to better assess your requirements. Start your year right by partnering with the best pest control team in the country!

When Should You Get Professional Help for Pest Birds

Birds are always a sight to behold. They are integral to a healthy and balance ecosystem; and we love them. Why else would there be groups dedicated to spotting and watching birds?

However, there comes a point when birds become pests that compromise the safety and sanitation of your property. They can wreak havoc to your plants, produce and stock. Birds leave droppings and other unsanitary byproducts. They may also use your rooves, awnings and the like for nesting.

Birds can get in the way of your day-to-day or your business’ daily trade. When their presence comes to this level of inconvenience, then they’re more pests than anything else, unfortunately.

It is ideal that you call Safe Spray before your bird situation becomes dire. As much as possible, we want to apply non-extreme methods in pest bird control. This can be as simple as installing bird nettings. Bird pest control solutions become more complicated when you choose to wait.

When pest birds are starting to get in the way of your everyday, call Safe Spray right away. We will take action immediately. Our team will visit your location to recommend the best pest bird control solutions for your unique circumstances. Call us today.

Should You DIY Your Pest Bird Control?

The quick answer is no; having a professional pest control team is always the best solution to your bird pest control. Of course, it can be tempting to try to DIY it. At the start of infestation, this might be the first thing that you do.

Because, yes, there are a few things that you can do when you suspect bird infestation. However we see these as things that should have been done from the get-go – before your property attracted so many pest birds.

For instance, you could make your place less attractive to birds by removing sources of food and possible nesting areas. You can also try together a few old CDs to hang. The reflective flashes from these can repel birds. You may even opt for a scarecrow and similar decoys.

Understand however that these DIY tricks are ineffective as a long term solution to bird infestation. So, try them out if you feel inclined.

Just make sure you have Safe Spray’s number on speed dial when you decide to find a true solution to your pest bird problems. A professional pest control team has the right expertise and equipment to get the job done, effectively and for the long term.

Improve Your Pest Bird Control: Here’s What You Can Do

Before our team comes in to help you with your pest bird control, there are steps you can take on your own. This is a way to get a good feel of where your property really is, in terms of pest bird control.

Survey the area: Assess the type of birds that are giving you problems, their population size, and their habits. This helps our team determine the best and most effective bird control methods for your specific situation.

Call for professional help: Regardless of the degree of your pest bird problems, opting for expert help is the best way to establish bird control that you can rely on. If your bird problems are advanced or large-scale, our immediate help becomes crucial and urgent. A professional team will have the necessary tools and expertise to help you control your bird problem, humanely and effectively.

Opt for a combination of pest control methods: From our experience, a combination of control methods is the best approach. We will assess the best combination; choosing from methods like bird netting, spikes, visual and sound deterrents, and habitat modification.

Always choose the humane methods when possible: There are several humane bird pest control methods available. Choose to partner with a professional pest control team that will prioritise this.

Maintenance is key: Regular checks and maintenance must be provided by your pest control partner. This is key to truly a long-term bird pest control solution.

Talk to Safe Spray today to know more. CALL 1300 562 053.

Top Industries Requiring Birds Pest Control Services

Bird infestations can be problematic for several industries. These can lead to substantial financial losses and health hazards. Many sectors are investing in professional bird pest control services to mitigate these risks and maintain operational efficiency. Below are some of the top industries that require bird pest control services:

1. Agriculture Industry:

The agriculture industry is highly susceptible to bird infestations as birds can damage crops, leading to significant yield losses. Proactive bird control measures are crucial to protect farms, and ensure the productivity and sustainability of agricultural practices.

2. Hospitality Industry:

Hotels, restaurants, and food services need to enforce effective bird control to maintain hygiene standards and prevent contamination. Bird infestations can tarnish the reputation of establishments in the hospitality sector. Bird pest control services are indispensable for this industry.

3. Airports and Aviation:

Birds pose severe safety risks in aviation, leading to potential accidents and disruptions. Airports invest in extensive bird control methods to safeguard flights and maintain smooth operations.

4. Manufacturing and Industrial Sector:

Birds can cause structural damages and operational disruptions in manufacturing facilities. Industrial sectors employ bird control services to protect machinery, maintain cleanliness, and ensure uninterrupted production.

5. Commercial Real Estate:

Commercial properties, such as shopping malls and office buildings, require bird control services to prevent damages and maintain a pleasant environment for visitors and employees. Efficient bird control is crucial to uphold property values and tenant satisfaction.

6. Healthcare Sector:

Healthcare facilities need to enforce stringent bird control measures to uphold hygiene standards and ensure patient safety. Birds can carry diseases, making their control paramount in maintaining a clean and secure environment in healthcare settings.

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Everything You Need to Know about

Pest Birds

What are Pest Birds?

While birds are magnificent creatures that we all love, certain types of birds flock together and create roosting sites in public spaces, particularly in places where there are regular human traffic and food stocks.

Their presence creates certain risks, including those that affect our health. This stems from their droppings, carcasses and nests, among other factors. In Australia, pest birds include pigeons, sparrows, starlings and Indian mynas.

There is some hesitance in controlling pest birds. After all, they’re integral to global biodiversity. It becomes important to understand bird pest control need not be inhumane. There are good options available to you.

With the right team of pest control experts, you can implement sustainable and humane bird pest control. Talk to SafeSpray for more information today.

What Are the Risks of Pest Birds?

The presence of pest birds – when left uncontrolled – exposes your property, customers, employees and loved ones to risks.

  • Contamination of food stocks, raw materials and finished products: This can mean risks to people’s health and loss of income/ revenue.
  • Property damage, damaged roofing systems, and blocked guttering systems: Bird droppings can accumulate and compromise the integrity of your property.
  • Bird attacks: Birds become naturally aggressive during breeding season, or when their home or offspring is being threatened. Employees, clients and loved ones may be attacked.
  • Compromises to your property’s safety: Bird droppings can be slippery, and cause people to slip or fall. You may be held liable for this.
  • Bad hygiene and public image: Having pest birds around gives your business a bad image amongst patrons. The presence of birds is often viewed as unhygienic.

How to Identify Pest Bird Infestation?

Having too many pest birds use your property for roosting or nesting is never a good thing. Yes, you love birds; but, you won’t love them as much if you let them into your property in large numbers. They compromise the integrity of your property, the health of the people in it, as well as your property’s business or income-generating potential.

Here are signs that you suffer from pest bird infestation. When you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a bird pest control company.

The presence of birds that sleep or nest in your property.

  • ▸ Your property is infested with insects, which attract birds.
  • ▸ You notice a significant amount of droppings around your property, particularly on flat surfaces.
  • ▸ You notice a foul odour within your premises that doesn’t emanate from food waste and other garbage materials

Got Pest Birds? Call a professional pest control company right away!

Once you find signs of bird infestation, don’t hesitate. A professional pest control company offers you effective bird pest control options that are humane and sustainable.

Ensure the integrity and hygiene of your property, as well as the health of everyone in it. Call SafeSpray today for a free assessment.

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