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To the untrained eye it can be deceiving and difficult to identify a pest. You may think you're looking at something friendly but with so many variance in species, you could be seeing something very dangerous.

We've developed this pest identification tool so you can safely know what you're dealing with. If you were able to snap a photo of your pest, follow the steps to upload your photo below.

If taking a photo of the pest requires you to get close or puts you in any danger, call SafeSpray 1300 562 053 before doing anything.

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Pest Identification | Safe Spray Pest Control

Knowing your pests is the first step in controlling them. It seems so simple but sometimes, this is a step that’s taken for granted.

Take the commonplace rodents. There are different members to the rodent family, including common pests like mice and rats. Having any of these within your property will likely cause you problems.

However, there are many strategies that a professional pest control company can take to rid your property of a variety of rodents. There are several places where we check for infestation. Likewise, there are different pest monitoring strategies that we implement to catch future activity of each one.

The approach to pest control is always specific and unique to your situation. The approach is never cookie-cutter. We understand the specifics of your property and requirement may be different to those of others.

So, when you get in touch with Safe Spray, one of the first things we find out is the type of pests that you are dealing with. This is all important, and makes a huge difference to overall efficiency in pest control services.

Use this tool to find out for yourself. Or, get in touch with Safe Spray today to know more about our pest control services.

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