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Your Brand in the Public Eye

The cost of pest infestation for industrial establishments can be devastating. Such a situation compromises not just their reputation. It also puts their products, employees and surroundings in limbo.

Make sure to maintain the safety and hygiene of your property. This involves comprehensive needs assessment and prevention, as well as treatment and continuous monitoring.

Your Reputation at Risk

For industrial establishments, pest infestation is a crucial compromise in their operations, products and services. The consequences are severely damaging.

  • Hampered operations
  • Compromised products and services
  • Decrease in sales
  • Loss of clients
  • Damaged reputation
  • Decreased revenue
  • Potential closure by regulatory authorities

We Take Time to Understand You

Our experts have extensive experience in the unique requirements of industrial establishments. Safe Spray Pest Control can guarantee pest-free, hygienic and safe premises.

Of course, every establishment has unique needs; each situation is different. This is why we will always start your project with a comprehensive assessment of your needs. We provide you with preventive measures, as well as responsive treatment and monitoring.

Get in touch with us today about your pest control requirements. We’d be happy to provide you with a project consultation.

Receiving the wrong advice could cost you home or business! Tell Us About Your Industrial Situation for Expert Advice that You Can Trust.

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The Safespray Way

Safe Spray Pest Control is consistent in its processes and pest control strategies. This is how we’ve gained the trust and patronage of some of leaders in several industries in Sydney. We are your partners in industrial-free and pest-free properties. We keep your investment safe and uncompromised.


Our work starts when we sit down with you to discuss your pest problem. Each scenario is different and we want to ensure that the advice we provide is the best-fit for your requirements. Our services are custom-designed to your specific needs. No approach is the same because no situation is the same.

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Safe Spray Pest Control will schedule a visit to your premises. Our experienced team will look at every nook and cranny, as well as known and possible problem areas where you can be experiencing termite (and other pests) infestations. Inspections allow us to fully assess your situation. Likewise, it gives us a purview of your problem areas; that is, where you are compromised and can experience future issues.

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We assess your needs based on our consultation and ocular inspection, and design a solution that’s custom-fit to your requirements. Safe Spray Pest Control strives to provide you with the best-fit pest control solution. This means that, from the materials and equipment we use to the strategies that we employ, you get a solution to your pest control problem that’s effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally-safe.

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We will confer with you regarding our suggested pest control solution and extermination procedures. Once we agree on our approach, our team of experts and tradesmen will come in and work on your premises. This can mean a temporary evacuation of your living of business space. We want to make sure that you, your space and your stocks/ belongings are safe and secure. Rest assured, we work thoroughly and promptly. You can look forward to be being back at home or work in no time!

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Safe Spray Pest Control is all about solutions that not only rid your property of termites and pests temporarily. Our solutions are designed to stop and even reverse your current infestation situation. Our goal is always to rid your space of pests, and implement strategies that prevent future pest problems.

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Don’t settle for pest control solutions that are only effective temporarily. This is a waste of money, and isn’t really the best approach to true pest control. At Safe Spray Pest Control, we provide you with pest prevention measures, alongside our extermination services. Because, for us, it doesn’t end with just ridding your property of its current pest. We are your partners in fortifying your investment, and in making sure it stays pristine and uncompromised.

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Our pest control services are backed by a 100% safe and effective guarantee. With Safe Spray Pest Control, you get:

  • Professional Expert Services
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Technicians
  • 100% Safe and Effective Techniques and Chemicals
  • Industry-specific Monitoring Technology
  • Free Project Consultation

Highly Trained & Experienced

“Every Safe Spray technician undergoes ongoing training to ensure the effective delivery of up-to-date modern pest control solutions. With our team on the job, you can also take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and audit standards for your industry.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business or project is. We will spend time with you in order to effectively understand, identify, treat and monitor your unique pest problem.”

Daniel Danil

SafeSpray Pest Control Founder

Protect Your Reputation with our Reliable Industrial Pest Control Services

Safe Spray is the leading name in reliable industrial pest control services. We have been around for decades, providing industrial establishments, like yours, with comprehensive industrial pest control services.

Our industrial pest control packages are designed to ensure your smooth uninterrupted operations. It is business-as-usual when you’ve got the Safe Spray team to take care of your industrial pest control issues.

The team approaches each industrial pest control project uniquely, assessing your specific needs, property requirements, as well as your surrounds. This is an important step for us – that is, the provision of a comprehensive site assessment, prior to designing an industrial pest control services package that is specific to your needs.

Talk to us today about your concerns. Our team would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with an ocular assessment of your property.

When you choose Safe Spray, you are partnering with the industry’s best. Rely on our enviable reputation in the pest control industry when your own reputation is on the line. Pests should never be a hindrance in your business. With Safe Spray, pests will never get in the way!

Get in touch with us today!

Industrial Pest Control in the Time of Covid 19

Industrial pest control is a consistent requirement across all industries. However now, in a time of a pandemic, you need to ensure stricter implementation of industrial pest control procedures. You have to be diligent and even more stringent. Industrial pest control protects your investment: your property, machinery and processes, your stocks and the people who work and rely on you.

The Covid 19 pandemic has exposed everyone to extra risks. This is the time to be extra careful with our health. For industries, the responsibility extends to the people who work and rely on them.

Industrial pest control ensures that your property, products and processes are free from risks caused by pests. These risks include diseases and accidents that can cause stoppages in production. Of course, it also makes your organisation liable for exposing people to these risks. In the time of Covid, prevention is the best solution. You must ensure that everyone in your team is healthy and safe.

Safe Spray is the company to try for your industrial pest control requirements. Let us get started today. A team is available for your site ASAP.

Secure Your Investment | Industrial Pest Control by Safe Spray

The presence of pests within the industrial setting has several repercussions. Foremost are the compromises you, your production line and work crew need to endure with having pests. Your raw materials and stocks are likely affected too when you have pests around.

Don’t let this happen. Talk to Safe Spray about our industrial pest control and management services.

Our team is the preferred pest control partner of several major players in key industries in the country. Our experience extends across several industries, assuring you that we have the tried and tested solutions for your unique pest control needs.

Safe Spray provides you with industrial pest control solutions you can rely on for extensive industrial-magnitude requirements. Our services include a thorough assessment of your premises to find out your pest situation. This is followed by treatment and monitoring. We install monitoring / bait stations in key areas of your property.

Thorough our Spectrum portal, we are alerted of pest activities and can act fast before they cause damage. The portal also collates historical data of our treatment, inspection and other engagements, which then helps us track and manage your pest situation.

Know more by getting in touch with the team.

Industrial Pest Control and Management | Get the Safe Spray Advantage

Effectively manage your pest control with the help of Safe Spray.

Safe Spray is the trusted name in industrial pest control and management services. Our team leads in industrial pest control, and is the preferred partner in several major industries. Our pest control services are tailored for big scale multi-location operations. Choose the industrial pest control and management partner you can trust. Call Safe Spray today.

Experience in Industrial Scale Pest Control and Management
The experience of the Safe Spray team in industrial pest control and management is unparalleled. Our industrial pest control services span across different industries and regions in Australia. You can rely on us on large-scale pest control services that are tailor-suited to your specific needs.

Our team is highly-trained and up-to-date in the latest methodologies, strategies and technologies. This is our commitment to you. We make sure that our team is the best trained team you can have on the job. Expect superior services with Safe Spray.

Responsive and Proactive
Safe Spray is in the forefront of proactive pest control and management through its Spectrum Portal, an online portal wherein all parties involved can monitor and update pest situations. Give us a call to know more about this.

Take Your Industrial Pest Control to the Next Level

Because industrial pest control is crucial to your day to day operations, choosing your industrial pest control partner is an important decision.

Safe Spray is the leading name in industrial pest control. We have provided our services across several industries, and we are the trusted partner of many leading industry players.

Choose the industrial pest control partner that has built a solid reputation across several industries. Safe Spray provides comprehensive industry pest control services that are uniquely suited to your operations.

Our services are never cookie-cutter. We take the time to get to know specifics about your location and operations. We send our team over for an initial inspection and assessment. This is all in line with providing you with exactly what you need. Industrial pest control is never one-size fits-all. Our approach is always specific to your needs.

Get in touch with Safe Spray today to arrange for an initial needs assessments. We will send a team of project managers and pest specialists to your location; and we will discuss with you your specifics, as well as other details such as your budget and operational schedules, among others.

Call our hotline today and get to know our industry-leading pest control services.

Effective Industrial Pest Control, All Year Round

Your operations are 24/7, 365 days a year. Your pest control should be too!

Pest problems, unfortunately, are all year round. There are pests that show up at certain times of the year, such as those taking shelter from harsher weather. And, there are pests that seem to always stick around, if you don’t have a reliable pest control partner to deal with them.

Choose Safe Spray for your year-round pest control needs. Our team is well-trained and experienced. We are continually updating our strategies and processes to incorporate the latest and most effective in pest control.

Our reliable all-year round pest control services mean that we don’t stop at treatment. Effective pest control is comprehensive pest control that covers all bases; from thorough site and pest problem assessment to monitoring and baiting, on top of treatment. This is the best way to ensure that you are protected from pests all-year round.

Safe Spray is synonymous with proactive pest control that truly solves your pest problems.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our industrial pest control services. We are happy to discuss your pest control problems with you and what we can do to address them. Call us today.

Pest Control and Sanitation in Industrial Complexes

With the new normal, there is a need to upgrade and update pest control and sanitation standards. This is for the sake of your work crew and customers, as well as the brand integrity of your products and services.

Safe Spray is the trusted partner for comprehensive solutions to new normal requirements. This pandemic age has necessitated shifts in how pest control and sanitation are done within all industries. And, this is a good thing. It allows us to help you improve on strategies and processes that provide your customers with better products and services.

Book an appointment today to know more about our comprehensive pest control and sanitation services.

Safe Spray is a recognised leader in reliable pest control in Australia. Its sister company – SaniSafe – has become today’s standard when it comes to Covid-responsive sanitation and disinfection.

As your partners in the new normal, you can rest assured that your industrial premises meet today’s upgraded standards in commercial pest control, and sanitation/disinfection. Book for a consultation today and let’s get started with your comprehensive pest control by Safe Spray, and sanitation/disinfection.

Better Industrial Pest Control Management with the Help of Safe Spray

Safe Spray is on the cutting edge of superior pest control management services through an approach that is customised and proactive. Partner with the best team for your pest control needs. Get in touch with us today.

The best pest control management services for your industrial operations have to be customised and proactive. Cookie-cutter approaches never work. Every situation is unique, regardless of industry. Your unique circumstances and location require comprehensive inspection and assessment. This should be the basis of your pest control treatment and pest monitoring strategies.

At the same time, the best pest control management services have to be proactive. After all, the Safe Spray team isn’t going to be present within your premises, 24/7. Pest control is a collaborative endeavor. Thou data-driven state-of-the-art strategies that include our Spectrum Portal, your team and ours work together to ensure your premises’ continued safety from pests.

Talk to the team today to know more about our industrial pest control management services.

What Sets Safe Spray Industrial Pest Control Above the Rest

There are several established industrial pest control companies in Australia; and it can be hard to choose one that’s on par with your business’ highest standards. For this, you need to look for qualities and work standards that have elevated their stature in the industry. What drives the business? What sets them apart from the other industrial pest control companies?

Safe Spray has been providing industrial pest control services to Australia for more than a decade now. We’ve set ourselves apart and ahead of the rest through what drives us: innovation, proactive approach and accountability.

We have always moved ahead in the industry through our innovative approach to industrial pest control. Our methodologies, technologies and materials/chemicals are above par, tried and tested innovations that make our pest control services truly effective.

When you partner with us, you get access to the Safe Spray Spectrum Portal, an innovative and proactive solution to pest control monitoring and reporting. We work with you in ensuring that your industrial complex remains pest-free in the long run.

We stand by our work. And you rely on us to provide you with a truly effective and long-term pest control solution. Talk to us today

What to Ask For From Your Industrial Pest Control Company

There are a lot at stake when an industrial property is infested with pests. It is not just your work staff, equipment, supplies and inventory at stake. Productivity is also affected. And when this happens, all aspects of your operation is affected.

It is important to partner with an industrial pest control company that you’re sure will do the best work for you. Here are a few things to look for in your pest management partners.

Good reputation: What others say about your pest control partner is crucial. It speaks of their suitability to the work that you need done. At the same time, it tells you if you can trust them with an industrial level pest management project. As an industrial client, your pest control needs are massively different from a homeowner or even a small business proprietor’s. Choose a pest control company that has built a good reputation among other industrial companies.

Consistent knowledge, equipment and materials upgrade: The technology used in pest control is constantly developing. Your pest control company must do the same. They should have a proactive approach to improvement as this also affects the quality of their pest control services.

Unique approach to every project: Pest control needs are different per client, especially industrial entities. Choose a company that provide you with a thorough assessment of your requirements and tailor-fit plan to deal with your pest control problems.

Talk to Safe Spray today to know more.

Another Year Comes to A Close; Are You Satisfied with Your Industrial Pest Control?

The demands from industrial entities usually peak towards the end of the year. With celebrations, spending and other social and economic considerations reaching heights at this time, the same goes with what we expect from industrial businesses.

Oddly enough, this is also the best time to assess your industrial pest control efforts. A new year approaches. As we close this one, you need to ask yourself if your pest control has been enough.

Has your industrial premises been generally pest-free for the whole year? Has your operations run smoothly, unhampered and uncompromised by pests? Are you happy with how your pest control service provider performed their services? Is their service long-term? Are they responsive to your pest control needs?

Safe Spray understands how your pest control efforts are integral to your success and overall health as an industrial entity. If your pest control fails, the rest of your operations is affected.

Our Quality Assurance Consulting services are available to help you get an unbiased assessment of your current pest control. We cover all aspects that are important in effective pest control, and provide you with possible courses of action towards improvement.

Get in touch with Safe Spray to know more.

Benefits of Getting the Services of an Industrial Pest Control Company in Australia

Industrial facilities, such as factories, warehouses, and processing plants in Australia, are particularly vulnerable to pest infestations given the abundant presence of pests that are attracted to the food, water and shelter offered by these facilities. If you manage this sort of facility, your best option is to partner with an industrial pest control company, such as Safe Spray.

Industry-level pest threats require professional-grade pest control products and equipment: Only an industrial pest control company will have access to professional-grade pest control products and equipment. This is what you need to deal with an industrial-level pest problem. When your productivity is threatened by pests, act fast and deal with pests through a professional team of experts.

Knowledge and expertise specific to your industry: Safe Spray has been in the industry for decades and has dealt with several industry clients, providing premium industrial pest control services. We have a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges that your industrial facility faces. We help you ensure your facility maintain the highest level of safety, cleanliness and hygiene.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your industrial pest control services requirements.

What You Should Look For A Pest Control Provider for Industrial Complexes

Pest control companies servicing industrial companies need to fulfil certain qualifications and adhere to specific standards to guarantee effective pest management and regulatory compliance.

Licenses and Certifications: All technicians who work for pest control companies in Australia should hold a Pest Management Technician License, reflecting the completion of an accredited training program. Additionally, companies that use pesticides should have a Commercial Operator License.

Experience and Specialisation: Companies should have substantial experience in commercial and industrial pest control. Different industries deal with unique pest problems, thus a service provider with a wide range of experience can offer more effective and tailored solutions.

Safe and Approved Use of Products: All chemicals used should be approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). The company should also follow safety procedures to protect all parties involved and to minimise the environmental impact.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Approach: Companies that follow an IPM approach are superior to the rest. This approach emphasises long-term pest prevention, combining techniques like biological control, habitat manipulation, and changes to cultural practices to minimise the use of pesticides and environmental harm.

Proven Track Record and References: A history of successful service provision, particularly within industrial settings, speaks volumes about a company's reliability. They should be able to provide references from previous clients to further demonstrate their efficacy and professionalism.

Talk to Safe Spray today to know more.

Important Qualities of the Best Industrial Pest Control Companies in Australia

Here are the key qualities that characterise outstanding industrial pest control companies in Australia.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise: The best pest control companies, such as Safe Spray, should have a comprehensive understanding of various types of pests, their habits, and effective control methods.

Experience: Our long-standing history of successfully dealing with industrial pest issues demonstrates our competence and reliability.

Certification and Licensing: The Safe Spray team is fully certified and licensed according to Australian standards, ensuring we meet (and even exceed) the necessary requirements to operate.

Prompt and Reliable Service: As a national industrial pest control company, we have the ability to respond quickly to calls, and provide dependable and efficient pest control services.

Customised Solutions: Safe Spray has a good understanding of the unique needs of different industries and the ability to tailor our pest control solutions accordingly.

Safety Commitment: We use safe and environmentally friendly pest control methods, prioritising the health of employees and the preservation of the industrial environment.

Use of Advanced Technology: Utilising the latest pest control technologies helps to increase the effectiveness of pest eradication and control strategies.

Proactive Approach: Regular inspections and preventative measures are key to stopping pest problems before they become serious issues. You can expect this from our team.

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The work done in our home was extremely professional, and successful, we are happy to promote this company, thank you
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