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Autumn is a wonderful season. It’s beautiful and heartwarming. Unfortunately, it also brings along some unwelcome guests. Many pests become more active during autumn as they search for shelter and food before winter sets in. Here are some of the most active autumn pests in Australia and what you can do about them.

Termites are perhaps the worst pests to have around your property. The destruction they cause not only put you and your family at risk. The cost is ridiculous! These pests cause damages worth close to $700 million a year in Australia. With 1 in 3 houses attacked, the escalation of damages can happen fast. Within a year, your property investment can dissolve into practically nothing because of termites.

Regular pest inspections are key to preventing this from happening to you. Get in touch with Safe Spray today. Read on to know more.

There are several choices out there if you’re looking for help with your pest problems. Consider a nationwide pest control service provider, such as Safe Spray. There are several advantages in choosing a nationwide pest control service provider, perks that smaller service providers can’t offer you. Read on and make the best decision for your pest problem!

There are several considerations when setting up the best commercial pest control management for food storage and warehouse properties. For one thing, you need to consider the kind of food being stored. The different locations and property layouts are also factors. Then, of course, there are the pests; which pests are prevalent in your location, at which season.

Pest control for food storage and warehouses is complicated because of this. You need to consult with professionals. Safe Spray has a team of experts in commercial food storage pest control to help you out. Call 1300 562 053

A new year approaches and it’s time to ask: is our pest situation going to be the same?

Year in and year out, this seems to be the case, right? We all expect to deal with rats and cockroaches at home. There are bound to be ants and flies in our next barbecue or picnic. And perhaps, the birds are going to be more intrusive / annoying this year than they were in the past. The usual.

So, are there new things to look forward to in pest and pest control this 2023? There may be a few!

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