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Pre-Construction Pest Control & Termite Barriers

You may think you have found the ideal block for building; but just because it's council- and builder-approved, it doesn't mean it's risk free.

One of the risk factors that many investors, builders and renovators fail to take into account is pests.

Are you planning building an extension or thinking of constructing a building? You should include a preventative pest treatment before you start!

Spider Pest Control in Winter

One noticeable change in the outdoors as winter approaches is the absence of flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies and wasps etc. We associate these pests with spring and summer, a nuisance to outdoor activities and are thankful that the colder weather brings relief from their stings and bites; but a lack of flying pests does not mean a lack of all pests during the winter.

Whereas mosquitoes and wasps were flying overhead in the summer, mice, cockroaches and spiders could be crawling underfoot during the winter.

These pests are seeking shelter from the cold, and unfortunately our warm homes seem cozy to them too.

It is important to take preventative measures to keep pests out because they can cause more hazards than just cobwebs in the corner.

Commercial Pest Control Sydney

Commercial Pest Control plays a crucial role in enabling essential businesses and organisations to provide safe products and services and to prevent disease outbreaks.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions have obviously been placed on some businesses considered non-essential , with many of them closing their doors until conditions allow them to reopen again.

However, there is a group that's decided to stay active even while we're not: pests.

Rodent Control

Rodent season is here! Of course, unlike Christmas time, we should approach this season prepared to deal with the worst! Rats and mice may get into our homes or places of business.

Infestation and exposure aren’t just about compromising your property and sharing it with rodents. It is about putting your food stock at risk. It can also mean damages to your property. Rats and mice are carriers of diseases and, as rodent season comes in, they can bring these diseases to you and your loved ones.

Rat & Mouse Pest Control

Rats and mice aren’t just nuisances that keep you up at night (they are naturally nocturnal, after all). These pests also contaminate your food stock, destroy your structures and furniture, and can spread diseases. They’re not as cute as Disney makes them up to be!

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