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Summertime is always fun and sunshine-y; but it also ushers in a variety of pests. These pests are a nuisance or may even pose health risks. Here are few pests to watch out for:

The most obvious sign of mosquito activity is their high-pitched buzzing sound, especially at dusk and dawn. When they bit, they leave small, red, itchy bumps. You might also notice stagnant water sources around, which serve as their breeding grounds.

Flies (Houseflies, Fruit Flies, Bush Flies)
Flies persistently fly around food or waste. Houseflies often gather on walls, floors, or ceilings inside homes; while fruit flies are commonly found hovering around overripe fruits or fermenting substances.

Ticks are often found in wooded or grassy areas. They attach themselves to humans and animals for blood meals. A tick bite can go unnoticed, but a tick found on the skin is a clear sign. Symptoms of a bite can include a red spot or rash near the bite site, a full body rash, neck stiffness, headache, nausea, weakness, muscle or joint pain, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, or paralysis.

Ant trails are a common indicator. They are attracted to food sources, particularly sweets and meats. You might also notice small piles of dirt or sand around the property, indicating nests.

Cockroaches are nocturnal; seeing one during the day can indicate an infestation. Other signs include droppings, a musty odor, egg capsules, and damage to food packaging.

Webs are the most common sign of spiders. Some species, like the Redback, hide in dry, sheltered places like garden sheds or under rocks. Funnel-web spiders create distinctive funnel-shaped webs.

Termites are hard to detect early. Look for wood damage, hollow-sounding timber, mud tubes on exterior walls, termite droppings (small, dark, and powdery), and discarded wings.

Wasps and Bees
Nests are the primary indicator of wasps and bees. Wasps' nests are papery and often located in sheltered areas, while bees prefer cavities like hollow trees.

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