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2021 promises to be a better year for all of us. Covid vaccines are here; and a return to normalcy is hopefully just around the corner.

But remember that pests are also around the corner. We’re in the middle of summer – so it means summer pests are everywhere. Plus, the holiday celebrations – however low-key they are during the pandemic – are likely to leave you with food waste and trash that attract more pests.

Starting the year right means being prepared for all this. It sets up 2021 as a year of promise and a year without pests!

Best Pest Control Practices for the New Year
Start 2021 right by implementing better pest control within your residence or property.

1. Prepare for your celebrations and the trash they produce: The start of the year is often marked by celebrations; and, regardless of how toned down and small they are this time around, you will still find yourself with heaps of waste.

Prepare for this. Don’t wait till the next day. You might be surprised how fast pests like ants and flies can get to them. Before your celebrations, have a designated repository for your trash. Make sure this is secured with a lid, and away from pests. Clean up after parties; don’t wait till the next day.

2. Contact Safe Spray for an assessment of your property: Start the year right by contacting our pest control team for an assessment of your pest situation. Get treatment and pest monitoring stations set up. When you start the year protected, you can look forward to a pest-free 2021!

3. Follow through with practical pest control practices: It doesn’t end with a visit from your pest control team. You need to follow through in order to ensure that you are truly pest-free. Dispose of your wastes properly. Secure your food storage systems. Regularly check for pests in typical areas, such as your kitchen and yard.

Be proactive in your pest control this 2021 and you can look forward to a pest-free whole new year! Call Safe Spray (1300 562 053) to know more!

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