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Safe Spray has pledged its support to Heroes with Ability, its causes, projects and other endeavors.

We strongly believe in inclusivity and equal opportunity. Seeing Heroes with Ability and all the positives that it’s been able to do for the physically and mentally disabled members of the community has impressed us and inspired us to do more.

Our partnership with Heroes with Ability is the start of a long-term commitment to its causes and endeavors.

Local Business Charity Pledge

We begin by joining the Local Business Charity Pledge, a fundraising program that targets raising at least $2,000 in donation. The raised amount will go to Heroes with Ability, and its projects.

The Local Business Charity Pledge is done alongside Checho’s Penrith and Café Favela, some of your favourite modern Mexican and coffee hotspots.

For every coffee or Chechos Margarita you purchase from these establishments, Safe Spray will donate $2 to the pledge.

This is a great way to raise awareness and funds for Heroes with Ability, while embracing an active and vibrant community, one that loves to get together for good food and drinks. Head out to your favourite spots and help us help Heroes with Ability.

We see this as just the beginning of a fulfilling partnership with Heroes with Ability. And, we want to take you along with us and be involved in a life-changing cause.

Why Pledge Local

We see Heroes with Ability as an organisation that has made a huge impact on the local community, and not just for the mentally and physically impaired. In doing projects that have fostered inclusivity and learning, the organisation is building towards a stronger and healthier community.

In involving the differently abled in sports, and providing them with learning and work opportunities, individuals and their families are strengthened. Thus, the community is also strengthened and we’re here for it!

We are looking forward to the greatness that can come from all these. And, we are humbled of our role as Heroes with Ability’s partner. The Safe Spray team will do what we can to provide the time and support to the Local Business Charity

Pledge and future projects.

We reiterate our commitment to community, health and well-being – all the best things that you can expect from Safe Spray.


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