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Justin Edwy-Smith

General Manager

Justin’s role as General Manager is crucial for Safe Spray. He oversees the entirety of the company's operations and ensures its smooth functioning. He is responsible for crafting strategic plans that align with the company's vision vis-a-vis the unique challenges faced by Safe Spray as a leading national pest control company in Australia.

Justin manages cross-functional teams, from sales and marketing to field operations, ensuring cohesive efforts in delivering exemplary pest control services. He also monitors financial performance, setting budgets and ensuring profitability.

Likewise, as General Manager, Justin consistently ensures our compliance with Australia's stringent regulatory standards related to pest control and environmental safety. He is often the primary liaison with stakeholders, fostering partnerships and handling major client accounts. He is also instrumental in talent acquisition and development, ensuring the company is optimally staffed with the best experts in the pest control industry.

Justine works hard to ensure Safe Spray’s operational excellence and financial growth. He is key in maintaining the company's good reputation as a leader in the Australian pest control industry.

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