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IFly Downunder contacted Safe Spray for help with a significant bird problem. Pest birds had overrun the facility making some areas unsightly and creating issues with day-to-day operations. Safe Spray's specialist bird division came in and installed a premium, long-lasting bird netting solution – and problem solved!


The open layout of this indoor skydiving facilities has drawn a lot of pest birds. At times, birds even got in the way of delivering services. Pest birds defaced the facade walls and branding present on the exterior.

Their feces and other waste materials would constantly build up, discolouring walls, expensive operational components and required regular bird waste removal. At the same time, birds flying into the facilities, would pose a potential safety hazard for patrons.


Safe Spray's specialist bird division assessed the site and provided a cost-effective bird proofing solution that also considered operational aspects, foot traffic and logistics. This ensured the outcome would be achieved without any need for downtime.

The key cause for concern was the open structure, although architectural beautiful and an icon for the local area, this would let birds freely enter with many places to roost leave droppings. Safe Spray installed their 100% guaranteed bird netting system with UV treated netting and stainless still tension wire and fixings.

The result was a visible 100% reduction in pest birds immediately after installation. Safe Spray's bird netting product and installation methodology is a scientifically tried and tested bird proofing solution that will fix your bird problems for good.



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