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It is sometimes hard to decide to get in touch with bird control specialist for bird control services. After all, these birds are sentient beings that play an intricate role in a healthy biodiversity. The problem is when they also pose health and property risks. They may cause damage to your yard, home exterior, yard, crops and more. Their feces may also lead to diseases, such cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis.

Bird Pest Control is your way of reigning in these risks, and protecting your family, loved ones and investments.

Fortunately, there are humane pest bird control options. These are pest control practices that do no harm but keep pest birds from landing, roosting and building their nests in your property. In Australia, the common pest birds include the Indian Mynah, starlings, pigeons and sparrows.

Bird netting installation

Bird netting is a way to keep pest birds from nesting in areas within your property. It discretely restricts access as it is only visible within close range. It is best used to control, blackbirds, ducks, pigeons, sparrows and other similarly sized birds.

Bird netting is a great option when you want a discrete way of controlling bird access to your property. In this aspect, netting is better than sonic and visual bird control options. At the same time, bird netting does not need power to use and works great in semi-enclosed and large spaces.

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Wire bird deterrent systems

A wire pest bird control system creates unstable landing sites for birds. This way, they won’t land, and are likely not going to build nests within your property. This system is a good way to shoo big birds from landing on your roof-lines, parapet walls, ledges and handrails. Wire deterrents are made from wires wrapped in nylon, which are then attached to poles through unsteady springs.

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Electric bird deterrents

As scary as the name sounds, electric bird deterrents are actually harmless to birds. These pest bird control systems send low electric pulses, every second or so. A bird that lands on it can feel the pulse and immediate flies away to roost elsewhere.

This makes it a very effective long-term pest bird control. It conditions birds to stay away from your location and go elsewhere. The system can be used in several spaces, including awkward spaces. Plus, most of these electric bird deterrents are designed to withstand the elements.

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