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Termite infestation is a risk you face when you don’t have your home regularly inspected and treated for termites. In fact, these pests are some of the leading causes of home damage, costing Australians billions of dollars each year.

Your first level of defense is to know how to identify a termite threat. When you know what to look for, you can take action and call for professional pest control.

Look Out for Termite Swarmers

Termite swarmer are adult termites with wings. These pests come out during the daytime, and are sure signs that you have termites living in or near your home. When you see them flying around, it’s a good idea to call pest control services.

You See Early Signs of Damage

Another way to detect termites is if you see early signs of damage to your home. In general, termites are “secretive” pests with colonies that are hard to detect. Typically, you see early damage first before you actually spot these pests.
  • Foundation damage: This is possibly the worst type of damage that a termite can do. While many homes have foundations made out of concrete, termites can make their way in through cracks in between concrete blocks. From there, they have access to your flooring, floor joists and practically anything in your home that’s made out of wood.
  • Floor damage: Once your see damage on your laminate flooring or your skirting boards, it could be a sign that you have a termite problem. You will see the flooring start to blister or feel spongy.
  • Wall damage: Wall cracks that seemingly appear out of the blue could mean termites are living and eating the wood within your walls.
  • Ceiling and roof damage: Ceiling cracks can be signs of termite infestation. After all, anything made out of wood is at risk. When it comes to roofs, moist or loose roof tiles are access points for termites to make their way into your ceiling and home.
  • Difficult to open windows and doors: Termite damage can misshape doors and windows, making them hard to open.
  • Hollow-sounding and weak wood structure: Wooden structures, such as your stairs and fence, weaken when infested by termites. These begin to sound hollow and feel softer to the touch.

You See Termite Droppings

Another surefire way of telling that you have termites in your home is the presence of frass. Frass is the by-product of termites eating through your wooden structures. While these droppings are harmless, their presence should alarm you. Call pest control when you see them.

You See Mud Tubes on Your Exterior Walls

Mud tubes act as “homes” to subterranean termites. These tubes provide moisture to these pests, and are made up of frass and mud. When you see these on your exterior walls, you should call pest control services right away.

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