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Pest control management is a continuous endeavor. It is not a one-time effort wherein your property gets treatment, and that’s it. Truly effective pest control should be for the long-term. And, the best way to guarantee this is through Safe Spray’s Quality Assurance Report.

The Quality Assurance Report is a service we offer for all businesses, property managers, and even homeowners. You don’t have to be our pest control client to get the service. As long as you’ve gotten pest control services (whether from us or another pest control company), you need to follow it up with a Quality Assurance Report.

The report is a consultancy service provided by Safe Spray. It assesses your true and current state of pest control effectiveness.
Was your pest control treatment effective? Did it truly eradicate the presence of pests from your property?
Was the treatment long lasting? Is your property still pest-free?
Is there room for improvement? Did you get a comprehensive pest control service or were there gaps/ faults in the service?

These are things that you need to know when you’re serious about your pest control. In ticking off pest control management requirements/specifics, you are checking whether your pest control meets the industry’s best practices and strict standards.

Once you know where your pest control is at, you can take the next steps. You can either stick with your pest control company, and have them follow up on their work. This might be because our Quality Assurance Report was positive, and your pest control company did a great job.

Or, you may find out that your pest problems have recurred and that no appropriate monitoring /response system was implemented, leaving you with the same pest problem you began with. So, you switch pest control services. This that, you have our Quality Assurance Report to guide you on what you should get from your pest control services.

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