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For many homeowners, the kitchen is the pest hotspot. This is because, of all the rooms within a home, the kitchen has the most to offer pests: shelter, food and water.

Different pests are attracted to different things. For instance, ants look for food sources. If you’ve got sweet-smelling food or leftovers lying around, you will attract ants. What’s worse is that, once you begin to attract ants, more will come since they leave pheromones for others to track.

Mice and other rodents, on the other hand, are attracted to both food and heat sources. Your kitchen is perfect for this, and might even provide rodents with spaces for shelter. The same goes for cockroaches. These pests are attracted to food, and may find shelter within gaps and crevices within your kitchen. Here's what you can do to pest-proof your kitchen.

Protect Your Kitchen: What You Can Do
There are steps you can take to pest-proof your kitchen. Do these diligently, and you can prevent pests from taking over your home. If things do get worse, just call on the Safe Spray team to help you out.

Store food properly.
Food items, such as leftovers, condiments, chips, and others, need to be properly sealed before storing. There are bag clips available in stores so you can seal off opened bags. Choose airtight containers for staples like sugar, pasta, and the like. Refrigerate food items when possible. For the rest, keep them in a cool dry place.

Clean up after working in the kitchen.
If you went into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich, clean up after. If you went in there to create a feast for family and guests, clean up after. Regardless of what you did in the kitchen, make it a habit to always clean up after. It makes a difference.

Choose bins that can be covered securely.
The trash bins that you choose should be those with covers that stay securely in place. Rodents and other similar pests like foraging through bins. Secure covers can seal off the smell and keep pests off your refuse.

Seal of gaps, cracks and crevices in the kitchen.
Regularly check for gaps and cracks in your kitchen. This can happen with time, especially since the kitchen is consistently exposed to moisture and heat. When you find these gaps, seal then off. This can keep small pests, like ants and cockroaches, from taking shelter within your home.

Remember that prevention is always better. Take time to do these small steps and you can pest-proof your home.

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