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World Pest Day is coming up soon in June 6, and it is the best time to talk about the importance of pest control in warehouses. Warehouses are some of the central facilities we rely on when it comes to food, stock and product distribution and storage. We are reliant on the sanitary integrity and safety of the warehouses that our providers/ suppliers use. This World Pest Day, let’s rethink the importance of pest control in these facilities.


Warehouses and Pest Control

All types of warehouses require pest control. It can be a warehouse that store food, beverages, dry products… any type. You will need professional pest control because there are innate risks in warehouse pest control. 

Remember that you are likely dealing with high valued goods. Any disruption in warehouse operations, caused by pests, is going to affect stored value and your warehouse’s services. It can cost you thousands of dollars to get everything back in order.

Not only that, the complexity of warehouse pest control is magnified by its size and stored items. You need professional pest control services to make sure there is no risk of contamination, damage and other pest consequences.


Common Warehouse Pest and Professional Pest Control Services

Some of the more common pests that wreak in Australian warehouses include cockroaches, rodents, flying insects and birds. Each one of these pests bring health risks, such as diseases, and they can contaminate food, beverages and other stored products. They also pose safety and work morale hazards to the people working in warehouses.

The best way to deal with these pests is through Safe Spray’s professional pest control services. Get in touch with our team at 1300 562 053.

Safe Spray’s professional pest control is requisite to having warehouses that are safe and sanitary. It is crucial to safe and risk-free product storage and distribution.

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