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Jap Encephalitis has been in the news lately. With a handful of confirmed and probable cases in NSW and other regions in Victoria, the threat is real, and it’s important to take proactive action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What is Jap Encephalitis?
Jap encephalitis is a mosquito-borne viral brain infection. It is spread by mosquitos and is most prevalent in rural Southeast Asia, the Far East and the Pacific. The disease is rarely carried by people who travel back to Australia. However, recent circumstances have changed, with infection being spread locally.

Jap Encephalitis is a serious condition for which there currently is no cure. Infected people will likely need hospitalisation, where oxygen and fluids need to be administered apart from medication to keep the symptoms at bay.

It is so serious that the federal government has allotted $69 million to battle the disease and keep it from spreading. The authorities have also moved to acquire 130,000 more Jap Encephalitis vaccine. This is on top of the $5 million information campaign and $3.5 million testing fund.

Protecting Against Jap Encephalitis
Vaccination is the best step to take when you want to ensure protection from the disease. After all, you can’t control the movement and bites of mosquitos. In normal times, a person traveling to Asia and the Pacific should get vaccination. However, since the disease is spreading locally, it may be necessary to check with local health centers about Jap Encephalitis vaccination.

Take personal measures to stay protected. You can cover up when in the outdoors. long sleeved shirts, pants and socks can protect you from bites. Likewise, stay away from dark nooks and damp spots, or places close to water.

You can also protect your working and living premises to ensure that these don’t invite disease-carrying mosquitos. Seal off your windows and doors to make sure small insects can’t fly through cracks and gaps. Contact your pest control partner and guarantee that your premises is mosquito-free.

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