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With the pandemic sending most of us back home, it’s important to feel secure within your residence. This is your sanctuary, after all. So, here are tips to ensure that your home is pest-free, where you can stay in, blissfully! Here are some tips!

Secure Your Food Sources
One of the primary reasons why pests are attracted to your home is food. Store food properly. Leftovers attract pests, like rats, ants, flying insects and more. Unsecured trash bins can host pests and their eggs. Apart from this, leftover food and hovering pests make up a mix that is unhygienic, to say the least. So, make sure to secure any leftovers. Waste food should be packed neatly and sealed into waste bags, before disposal.

Pack Up Your Wastes Properly
Like leftover food, you also don’t want other waste items to attract pests. Whatever waste your home generates, make sure these are neatly stowed within garbage bags and tied up securely.

Keep Moist or Humid Areas in Your Home to a Minimum
Having some moist or humid spots within your home is inevitable. However, try to keep this to a minimum. Moist or wet areas can become breeding grounds for pests, such as mosquitos. Fix leaks. Mop and control any puddles.

Remember That General Cleanliness is Important.
Clean up and your home becomes less attractive to pests. Through cleaning and regular upkeep, you can lessen any pest attractions, such as food, waste, moist and unoccupied spaces. You can wipe off moist locations, as well as keep nooks and crannies of your home busy with human traffic.

Check and Fix Any Holes and Possible Pest Entrances
Hole and gaps on your walls, windows, doorways, or even the foundations of your home are possible entrances for pests. Check these regularly, and seal off any holes or gaps that you find.

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