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Winter is a precarious season in Australia. Weather takes a turn for the worse, and you are likely to deal with cold intense rains and winds. For homeowners everywhere, it is a reminder to make sure their homes are secure and safe. For pests, however, it is the signal to take shelter, to seek out secure dry space where food might be available – like your home.

When winter comes, you need to prepare for both the weather and pests that seek homes like yours to take shelter in.

Here are some tips to start with. For more comprehensive winter season pest protection, get in touch with the Safe Spray team.

Protect Your Home from Pests

There are steps you can take to keep your home safe from pests as winter season approaches. It is best to start early, of course; the sooner you can take of these, the more secure and unattractive to pests your home becomes.

Clean your residential space: Cleanliness is key to keeping pests off. Pests are attracted to wastes, clutter and dank spaces. If your waste is exposed, if you have food leftovers lying around in an unsealed bin, if pet feces and the like are left unattended, then pests will look at your home as a winter haven. Clean up and save yourself from the hassle.

Regularly maintain your garden: Regular garden cleanups are necessary, especially during winter. While it is a chore to get out there when weather is harsh, it is important that you clear your garden of any debris, especially fallen branches. Dead branches can attract termites and other pests.

Fortify your doors and windows: These entry points aren’t just for humans. Pests can get in through doors and windows too. Make sure there aren’t any cracks and that these fixtures are sealed and airtight. You might want to consider weatherstripping. Not only does it seal off these entry points; weatherstripping also helps keep your home warm and cosy.

Use your rooms: Make sure to use every room in your house, regularly. Don’t let dust gather in your guest room, basements, and garage. Occupy these spaces and clean up regularly. This dissuades pests from claiming these spaces, and you can spot any pest intrusions right away.

For help with your pest control this winter time, get in touch with Safe Spray!

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