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Flies are all-season pests that can cause your business several problems. Think of flies as pests that are just so persistent and annoying. These pests don’t just compromise the products that you create and serve. They are also major turn-offs.

Once your customers see these flies – you can expect for them to slowly fly away and look for another business to support!

Don’t let flies drive away your customers!

What Type of Flies Do You Have?
When it’s type to get your flies pest problem in control, the first step is to identify what kind of flies you have. The type of fly you’re dealing with will determine the pest control strategies we’ll use.

Fruit flies: Fruit flies like sweets, and attracted to the smell of fermenting sugars. You are likely to find them in garbage bins, opened drinks, drains, cracks and ripened fruits and vegetables.

House flies: You often find this kind of flies lingering over pet droppings and rotten food.

Blow flies: These types of flies are attracted to smelly meats, dead animals (like rats, birds and others), and food wastes.

Drain flies: As their name suggests, these types of flies linger in sewages, organic wastes and rotting food.

Call Safe Spray for Professional Flies Pest Control
Once we’ve identified the type of flies that you have, we can address your fly problem properly.

Talk to Safe Spray today for an inspection of your premises. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your pest issues.

After which, our team will schedule treatment and installation of monitoring systems. Our service is never just one-time. We ensure that you are on top of your pest situation. We are certified by the Australian Environmental Pest Control Association. This is your guarantee that our pest control solutions are long term and effective.

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