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You typically see more of these pests after a flood simply because their shelters were destroyed from the rain.

Many times, pests and rodents’ homes include large holes and tunnels. When this fills up with water, the pests are forced up to the surface, and are unable to return to their homes – so they choose yours instead!

When it comes to mosquitoes, it is a whole different – and even worse -- story. Mosquitoes lay eggs in damp or wet places, like gutters, stagnant water, flowerpots etc. The eggs lay dormant until the rain moistens them and causes them to hatch. That is why you typically see more mosquitoes after a heavy rainfall.

The rain also softens wood. And do you know who loves wood? Termites. This is why we always recommend keeping decaying wood, firewood, and other debris away from your home.

Usually, spiders are found in damp, wooden areas, generally near a water source. With a heavy rain fall, spiders are forced out of their habitat and they will be seeking refuge in dryer areas.

Bugs are like most humans and other creatures; they just do not like getting wet. Just like we run for shelter at the first sight of a raindrop, bugs will also take cover inside – it just so happens that they take cover where they are not invited.

How do I protect my home?
There are a few things you can do to keep pests away after a heavy rainfall.

• Eliminate sources of standing water that may have accumulated during the last heavy rainfall. • Keep trees trimmed away from your property. • Clean gutters regularly, especially after a heavy rainfall. • Seal entry points. This includes cracks, crevices, screens, and more.

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