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Summer is always a great time to go outside, and enjoy some sunshine and time with friends and family. Even with the ongoing pandemic, nothing’s going to stop many of us from heading out for picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities. As long as safety measures are followed, this is always a good idea…. as long as you’re pest-free!

The temperature of summer invites many of these pests out. It is a good time for them to reproduce as there is an abundance of warmth and food. That makes summer pest season!

This shouldn’t put a damper to your summer activities! Just keep an eye out for them and make sure you’re prepared.

Here are a few summer pests you should watch out for:

Ants: Australia has lots of ants, we all know that. Summer is the worst time dealing with them, whether indoor or outdoor. Ants are often attracted by food sources so you need to make sure your wastes are properly disposed.

Cockroach: These pests are around all year round, unfortunately. They become more productive during summer. Make sure you are protected with effective pest control.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes carry diseases and are probably some of the most annoying pests to have around. You don’t want them to feast on you as you enjoy your time outdoors.

Fleas and ticks: Summer is a great time to get our pets out for some sunshine and exercise. Protecting your outdoor space from fleas and ticks is the first step in protecting our pets from them.

Flies: Nothing ruins picnics and barbecues more than those pesky flies. Worse – these pests bring diseases that can pass on to you when they land on your food.

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