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Ants are some of the worst pests to have around, especially during the holidays.

Ants are communal pests. They live within a colony, and usually linger in places where they can forage food. Ants leave an ant trail. So, once they spot your holiday ham or the dessert you just baked, you can be sure that others from the colony will follow.

Soon enough, your will be overrun by ants. That is no way to celebrate the holidays! Make sure that you are ant-free this holiday season and beyond.

What You Can Do About Ants
There are a few things you can start with to ensure that ants don’t ruin your holiday celebrations.

First of all, it is important to keep food that attract ants away from them. These include food with high sugar and fat content, such as cake and cooked meat. Whenever you can, put them in your refrigerator. Secure dry or uncooked food items in airtight containers.

When it comes to pet food, the need to have them laying around, ready for your pets, can pose some problems. You can train your pets to eat their meal in one sitting. Or, you can surround your pet’s bowl with a moat of water.

Another quick action that you can take is to clear out the ant trails using acidic substances, such as vinegar or lemon.

Spot the path used by ants to get to your food stash. Clear off the trail by wiping it with your acidic substance. This removes the ant trail.

Another approach to dissuade ants off your food stash is through the use of chalk. Baking soda, chalk and even baby powder discourage ants from walking the treated path.

Likewise, if you know how ants get into your home, if you’ve spotted holes and gaps on your walls, boards and the like, fill them out. There are several tradesmen available who can fix gaps and holes within your homes.

Sadly, these are only preventive measures. They will work to ensure ant-free celebrations. But they don’t ultimately fix your ant infestation problem.

You need to find each any colony and kill the ants. The best way this is done is through professional pest control services.

Through a professional team, such as Safe Spray, you are guaranteed an ant-free home – this holiday season and beyond. Their approach is safe for your stocks, your pets and your family. Get in touch to know more.

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