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When you’ve got bed bugs, you know it! You get bite marks all over your body, which stays on you for up to two weeks. You can experience extreme itchiness and swelling around the bite areas. And, nights can be sleepless!

Bed bugs are the nightmare of everyone who loves a good night’s sleep. When you suspect bed bugs, act fast and call a reliable pest control company, such as Safe Spray.

Bed Bugs: What, Where and When

Bed bugs are small brown insects that live off the blood of humans, pets and other animals. They have flat bodies that are generally hard to spot. When they feed, they swell and turn red.

Bed bugs prefer to hide near their food. So, typically, you could find them in mattresses, bed frames, box springs, couches and more. They can travel with you through your clothes and luggage.

These pest feed at night. Their bite is often pain-free. But, once welts appear, the victim can experience extreme discomfort and itching.

Signs to Look Out For

The best sign of bed bugs is the one you experience. When you begin to see bites on your body (usually the exposed skin while sleeping) and experience discomfort and itchiness. If you feel this sort of skin discomfort and maybe dread going to bed at night, you might have bed bugs in your space.

The other signs you need to watch out for are:

  • Blood marks on your mattress, sheets and pillowcases.
  • Bed bug excrement that look like rust on the sheets, walls, beds and mattresses.
  • Fecal matter, and shed skin and shells left by bed bugs.
  • Musty strong odour from bed bugs’ scent glands.

When you have any of these signs, you need to do something about it to get the bedbugs out of your bedroom! Get a good night’s sleep, free from bed bugs!

What to Do with Bedbugs

Reclaim your sleeping space from bed bugs! Do something about it!

Since bed bugs are generally hard to spot, get the help of a reliable pest control company, such as Safe Spray. A team will go to your home to confirm the pest’s presence.

Once confirmed, they can implement human- and pet-safe bed bug control solutions. You can enjoy pest free bedrooms immediately.

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